“President Bush Driven by Fanatic Ideology” Says Candidate Hillary Clinton

By TMO Staff Writer

Speaking to a select group of people that included delegates from the Pakistani American Muslim community at Fishbone’s of Detroit, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate, said “President Bush is driven by a fanatic ideology and that is why he is not prepared to listen to anyone on Iraq.”

She continued, “Six years ago we had a balanced budget and today we have to borrow money on a daily basis from China, Japan and Middle Eastern countries to support the war in Iraq.”

On education she expressed her dissatisfaction with the presidential TV debates, she said, “The TV hosts rarely questions us on education” but let me tell you that it is going to be a top priority in my administration.”

She emphasized the pluralistic society of America and after speaking for about 15-20 minutes she let the floor open for discussion. There were no questions but some people made remarks, wishing her luck.

Mr. Shahid Tahir of the American Muslim Political Education Committee (AMPEC) and the North American Political Association (NAPA) said “We, the Pakistani American Muslims support your candidacy and we believe you will provide America a strong leadership.” Other audience members applauded this.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton took time to meet each individual present at the gathering.

Immediately following this meeting, NAPA called a strategic session of Pakistani American Muslims at Shenandoah Country club in West Bloomfield.

Mr. Rashid Choudhry of NAPA said: Mrs. Hillary Clinton is the most experienced person of all the people in the race. She has spent 8 years in the White House and has met most of the world leaders,” he continued, “and has her husband’s political experience behind her.”


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