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20,000 Dialogues

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Watch a film…make friends of other faiths…discuss one nation & world for all

An Interfaith Outreach Program of Unity Productions Foundation www.upf.tv.


20,000 Dialogues is a film-centered dialogue project that brings together Muslims and non-Muslims using films about Islam in America to stimulate discussion and promote understanding. It takes the concept of interfaith dialogue out of the realm of faith leaders into the hands of ordinary people who want to make a positive difference across cultures and faiths.


Film clubs or dialogue parties can be set up beginning with the film Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet and continuing with the upcoming PBS Documentary Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain airing August 22, 2007. This film examines the rise of a remarkable pluralistic society in Spain, where all three faiths thrived, and why that society ultimately fell, in part because of extremist forces within those faiths that tore it apart.

20,000 Dialogues seeks to bring people together at the grassroots level, where people live, worship and work to strengthen understanding of Islam and our common values in hopes of building relationships across faiths.


20,000 Dialogues will use the films to bring people together and stimulate discussion and positive actions towards mutual respect and breaking down barriers of bias and stereotypes, fear and helplessness, misperceptions and misinformation.

How to Get Involved

The implementation of 20,000 Dialogues is simple –email dialogues@upf.tv to agree to host a dialogue with a tentative date determined consisting of a minimum 5 people, at least one of whom is Muslim. You will receive a copy of UPF’s film on DVD and download a ‘Dialogue Planner’ and ‘Discussion Questions’. Additional resources will also be referenced on the website. The host may find dialogue participants of other faiths on the website as well, using a system that will help connect you to interested participants in your area. After the dialogue, participants can submit their evaluation of their experience.


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