Health Tips and Tricks for the Busiest Bees

by Noor H. Salem Upon publishing my second book, Sunnah Superfoods, just days ago, I had a friend reach out and exclaim excitement at starting a new diet- again. The main con

Energizing Autumn Salad

by Noor H. Salem Unfortunately, many hold on to the belief that anything labeled “salad” on a restaurant menu is deemed healthy. This is not the case, and in fact, some sala

Making Healthy Choices at Barbeque Socials

by Noor H. Salem With the scorching hot sun these days, it’s time for iced-cold drinks, barbeque socials, and outdoor activities. In the midst of all the excitement, aim to kee

Homemade Marinade for Your Favorite Grilled Chicken

by Noor H. Salem   It’s finally time for summer picnics, camping trips, and family gatherings, usually around the grill. Nothing makes those gatherings more exciting

Eating Healthy on a Tight Schedule

by Noor H. Salem Trying to juggle work, caring for the needs of your family, and having time for yourself can get a bit overwhelming at times. For that, I advise clients to orga


Curry Sauced Salmon Recipe to Try This Ramadan

by Noor H. Salem We have discussed several benefits of seafood, and I’ve shared essential tips to ensure you purchase and consume the best quality of the dozens of choices rea

mango salsa

Mahi Mahi With Mango Salsa

by Noor H. Salem When it comes to eating seafood, I have many clients raise their concern that they’re not sure how to differentiate between good and bad choices. Unfortunatel

Spice Spotlight: Sumac

By: Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist If you are acquainted to using salt and pepper to spice your food, I advise you add a little plot twist to your cooking. Spices, as I

7 Muslims You will See on Campus This Fall

By: Marina Ali, contributing writer The new fall semester is upon us. Some of you are just freshmen, learning the ropes of college, or you’re a fourth year getting ready for g

After Qandeel: Honor Killings in the Modern Islamic World

By: Marina Ali, contributing writer On July 15th of this year, news media outlets reported that a rising social media star, Qandeel Baloch, was strangled to death in the middle

Healing After Daesh’s Recent Barrage on the World

By Marina Ali, contributing writer In light of the recent string of attacks by Daesh (incorrectly referred to as the Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL) I and many other Muslims have c

10 People You See at the Masjid during Ramadan

By Marina Ali, contributing writer With Ramadan almost coming to an end, you’re probably a regular at your masjid. You might even have your own designated spot to each iftar 

Swipe Left or Right: TMO Reviews the Best (And Worst) Muslim Matchmaking Apps

By Marina Ali The process of matchmaking can be arduous for the modern day single Muslim. Luckily, Muslims have an arsenal of dating applications (apps) that help to navigat

High School Student Seeks to Educate About Islamophobia

By Marina Ali All too often, we hear the standard gripe of juvenilia as teenagers spend too much time on their phones and not enough quality time. Yet, hearing about wonderful a

Recent outbreak stirs controversy and questions

By Marina Ali, contributing writer For the pseudo Mexican cuisine lover, Chipotle is a fan favorite. The love runs deep on the Internet, with slews of memes and videos paying ho

The plight of the Muslim single parent

By Marina Ali TMO Contributing Writer Single parent. Those two words alone bring about 34% of this country's population to a jolt[1]. Article after article, statistic a

Donald Trump would make the world great again

By Haroon Moghul For a long time, I suspected Donald Trump was only running for President because of the 2011 White House Press Correspondents Dinner. Donald Trump was marin

‘COO of Azizah Magazine Gives Lecture on Women and Islam in Atlanta’

By Marina Ali Atlanta’s thriving Muslim community got a taste of feminism and religion last Tuesday when Azizah Kahera of Azizah Magazine came to give a lecture on the rol

Is racism a problem with Muslims?

By Marina Ali Diversity is one of my many blessings that we feel when in the Muslim Ummah. You can go anywhere in the world and find a Muslim community. It’s amazing what

Saad’s halal restaurant serves mouth-watering cheesesteak

By Sameer Sarmast It all started with a small food truck in Philadelphia. On the corner of 38th and Spruce Street, Saad had a mission. He wanted to bring halal food to a city wi

Ahmed Irfan Khan founds booming halal food business

    After graduating from one of top business schools in the US, would you prefer to work for a Fortune 500 company or run a slaughterhouse? For Ahmed Irfan Kha

Soul Spot offers a deliciously different take on halal food

By Sameer Sarmast I was sick and I was hungry. I was in the kind of mood that keeps you in bed with Netflix running on all night and ordering food through seamless. Not me t

NC Upholds Fake Convictions

By Karin Friedemann, TMO From left, Hysen Sherifi, Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan and Ziyad Yaghi. Al-Arabiya

Deep Freeze Grips United States, Disrupting Travel, Business

By Nick Carey and Kim Palmer Motorist drive along a snow covered Interstate-94 in Detroit, Michigan January 2, 2014. The first major winter

Advice Column: Feeding Kids Right

By Noor Hani Salem, TMO Questions: While I try eating healthy I find it very difficult doing the same for my kids. Not only are they picky, I don