Advice Column: Are Programs Good For Me?

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Advice Column: Are Programs Good For Me?

By Noor H. Salem

Question: I am 60 pounds overweight and began a weight loss program that puts me on specific meals plans and even provides part of the meals and snacks. Is this a good idea and possibly guaranteed for results?


This is a debatable question and changes with the circumstance. But in general, I find that any diet that has you eating certain foods won’t opt for long term weight loss. Meaning, having their special protein shake for breakfast, lettuce and grapefruit for lunch, and more of “their branded” protein shake for dinner with fruit aside is not healthy. Why do I say that? Well, because immediately after the 30 or 60 days are over most dieters go back to their eating habits, the bad I mean. Going back to Ben and Jerry’s at midnight after some deep dish lasagna isn’t going to keep you at your healthy weight. In fact, you’ll be sure to gain weight back.

On the opposing side though, for those overweight and looking to get to a healthy weight, this may be the way out. But, and I emphasize here, you will have to change your eating habits once you finish your meal plans. So, if you are using these programs just to get to a certain weight and later change your lifestyle, why not give it a shot. But if you plan to use this for a certain time span and dive back in to late night tacos or fast food, then this is not your best route. Learning to change your lifestyle by incorporating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and healthy proteins is essential for anyone looking for long term results. Once you get to a healthy weight, don’t make the number on the scale your main concern. Worry more about eating healthy and getting your daily vitamins nutrients.

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