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Advice Column: Exciting New Fries at Burger King?

By Noor H. Salem, TMO


Question: I was excited when my son brought SatisFries form Burger King with 40% less fat. Are these good options compared to the regular junkies at fast food chains?



Bluntly, I would be afraid to hear that Burger King possibly came up with fries with 40% less fat. Unless they are baked of course, that’s a different story.

But they’re not. After reading your question I did some research and learned that these fries are nothing but more junk. If anything, they’re probably worse for you.

To make these new fries lower in fat, they coat them in chemicals to cause them to absorb less oil. So instead of taking in more oil, you’re dodging the oil and gulping down chemicals. These chemicals are toxic to one’s health. These fries look exactly like the regular Burger king crinkle fries and are deep fried. The fact that they are deep fried in vegetable oil alone should cause you to say no thank you. 

Making homemade and delicious fries is definitely a better option. I previously wrote an advice column on the benefits of potatoes, and how the actual potato- yes, the vegetable, has an abundance of nutrients. There is certainly a myth of potatoes being fattening and unhealthy, but in fact, there are numerous health benefits in the whole food. That is, as long as you are not deep frying it in genetically modified oil. 

To sum up, you’re definitely better off without the Satisfries, or any fries from fast food chains. 


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