Advice Column: The Diet Soda Debate

The Muslim Observer

Advice Column: The Diet Soda Debate

By Noor H. Salem, TMO

Question: Instead of drinking soda I go for zero calorie and diet sodas.  Is there a significant difference between regular soda and the diet one?


Diet ColaWhile it may appear like diet soda is a good choice for those aiming for a healthy “diet”, it can actually be just as devastating to your health, if not more, than regular soda beverages.

Diet soda just like the regular version contains filtered water, hazardous coloring agents, carbonation, and of course instead of a ton of sugar, chemical sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose.

Whatever this lab made chemical based sweetener is, it’s unnatural. It does not grow on trees, and it doesn’t cultivate from underground. We were not made to eat and drink this stuff and our ancestors never did. Chemical sweeteners are linked to obesity, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and many other issues that go on inside our bodies while we are unaware.

The affects of all these chemical bursting foods are clearly all around us, with cancer being the new flu and obesity the common cold.

Instead of grabbing that deceiving can of soda next time you feel thirsty, hydrate with water, homemade iced tea, or fresh squeezed fruit juice. You’ll not only replenish your thirst, you’ll feel great afterwards. Rethink your drink, and keep “diet” soda out of your diet.


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