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Amjad Faqouseh Attempts New Record

IMG-20130602-00100Amjad Ismail Faqouseh is not your average student. The Florida resident attempted to take an unbelievable 60 credit hours (20 classes) in a single semester. He established an elaborate work schedule and set-up sixteen computers in his home to show the seriousness of his project. The St.Peterburg College did not allow him to do so claiming that it is impossible for any student to excel on such a work load. But that has not disheartened Faqouseh. He has set his eyes on higher objectives and is now taking online classes at the prestigious Harvard University.

Even though he was unable to attempt such a massive undertaking Faqouseh has an interesting story to tell of the whole experience. In an interview to the Muslim Observer he said that his main objective was to beat world academic records, and prove that with determination everything is possible. He especially wanted to show his friends and colleagues that with a right action plan college doesn’t need to be hard.

“What I was trying to prove is that anything is possible. I have come to the conclusion that through everything that I learned about myself and my accomplishments is that… the only thing that is blocking one from being successful whether it has to do with finance, education, family, friends, dreams, and ideas is the fact that they think it is not possible, therefore they fall within the lines of mediocrity,” he says.

Academia is not the only forte of Faqousheh. The aspiring law student is also the CEO of an investment company called Växande Corporation. He hopes that the company will serve as a base to finance his ideas and inventions. He says that soon he will get patents for two out of eleven inventions which he has under works.

When asked how he manages to do so many things at the same time he Faqouseh replies, “The one thing that motivated me is my ambition, and my enthusiasm for endless ideas and knowledge. We only live once, so why not be the best and why not thrive and try to do things others were not willing to do because they thought it was impossible.  Organization is key along with ambition, motivation, and enthusiasm.”

As for advice to others, especially students, Farouseh said that it is important to value time. “Do not waste time. It is the most valuable asset.”


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