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Annual Container for Karachi Pakistan Prepared by the Houston Volunteers

Young Muslims Boys Of Houston Are Working Hard At The Annual Container For Pakistan
Young Muslims Boys Of Houston Are Working Hard At The Annual Container For Pakistan

A forty-foot large container was prepared by the community volunteers of Helping Hand (USA) For Relief & Development (HHRD), over the past weekend, at the premises of Inter-Cargo Systems located at 6160 Westview Drive near Galleria, Houston. Khurram Iqbal, CEO of Inter-Cargo Systems, provides his location every year, free of charge for two days, to fill up a container of In-Kind donations, which are given by the kind hearted Houstonians and then are shipped by HHRD to the Sister Wing of ALKhidmat Foundation in Karachi, Pakistan, where they are distributed to thousands of needy.

This work was started some nine years ago by Dr. Saleha Khumawala, who is a Professor at University of Houston. She coordinates all these efforts through the volunteers of HHRD, Young Muslims (YM Boys & Girls), and her own ladies volunteers from the community. Ten years ago, during a visit to Karachi, Pakistan, she watched the excellent humanitarian work of Sister Wing of ALKhidmat Foundation, and promised them that every year; she will send one container of useful items to them for free distribution among those in dire need.

All the items brought are inspected for quality, and then quantified; before being loaded on to the container. People bringing in the In-Kind donation also give $20 to as much as $200, so as to ship these nice quality items worth $100,000+ to the less fortunate in Karachi, Pakistan.

Other than this annual effort, HHRD has a permanent In-Kind Donation Center located at 11955 Bissonnet (at South Kirkwood) in Southwest Houston inside the Royal Shopping center, which is open for 30 hours a week on four days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday). From this place, HHRD sent ten containers for the flood victims of Pakistan, while in all HHRD has sent 24 containers from the whole of USA for this purpose.

People can bring their nice quality In-Kind donations to this HHRD’s location In-Kind Donation Center located at 11955 Bissonnet (at South Kirkwood) in Southwest Houston. For more information, they can call Maaz Adil at 1-281-468-2238. People are highly encouraged to pay $20+ that can be used for shipping their In-Kind donation of these essential and useful things.

Last weekend, people brought nice clothes for winter, and summer; household items; comforters; blankets; carpets; toys for children; some tents; sleeping bags; medical equipments; and much more. A community in New York mailed to Houston via UPS Service several cartons of excellent clothes and household items. Some people came from out of town like Beaumont, and Athens, Texas.

Several community volunteers came, and felt blessed with this opportunity to work hard for the humanity. Remember them in your prayers is the request coming from them via HHRD.

For more information on HHRD’s ongoing humanitarian projects, one can visit www.HHRD.Org on regular basis. Other than Houston, contact information on other In-Kind Donation Centers can also be found in the “Contact Us” section of this website www.HHRD.Org.



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