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First Days of Hajj

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah Why are the first ten days of Zul Hajj are more sacred than any other days? Zul Hijja, the last month of Islamic lunar calendar has begun. On the tenth of this month, Muslims all over the world would commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s call to universal brotherhood and sisterhood and relive the sacrifices […]

Imran Khan Wins

Set to become Prime Minister of Pakistan By TMO Staff Following the election victory, a former cricketer turned politician faces an uphill task of fulfilling his promises as well as internal and external expectations. Imran Khan’s victory attracted a global media coverage. Because this is probably the second time a civilian government will hand over […]

Muslim Struggles in High school

by Murryum Farooqi High School can feel pretty tough when you are a teenager. Yes, tough classes, drama, and not receiving the freedom you believe you deserve, are all valid forms of hardship. But, that’s not what I’m referring to– I’m talking about what feels like the extra baggage every Muslim might have felt at some […]

First Arab Muslim Woman to Win Primary

by Aysha Qamar Michigan makes the news with the results of their Primary Election. Arab Muslim American, Rashida Tlaib, daughter of Palestinian immigrants, won the Michigan primary election with 33.2% votes making history as the first ever Arab American Muslim woman on track to potentially serve in the United States Congress. Tlaib will likely be […]

Abdul El Syed Upholds Community

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah El Sayed represents the voice of the American youth and community despite primary election results this week in Michigan. Abdul El Sayed, regardless of the outcome of Michigan governor Primary, is the voice and face of new America, an America where people of all religions and color and status and vocation […]

Chicken Veggie Rolls with Avocado Dip

by Noor H. Salem It’s difficult to go out for dinner and not order the mouthwatering appetizers, especially unique ones such as crab cakes or avocado egg rolls. One very popular upscale restaurant has a highly sought-out appetizer: avocado egg rolls. They are perfectly crispy from the outside and soft and extremely flavorful from within. They […]

#MyMuslimVote 2018

By Samana Sheikh Organizations and politicians came together to spread awareness about the importance of voting on August 7, 2018 for the primary election in Dearborn, Michigan. Although, the event included a variety of halal food vendors, face painting for children, henna designs, bouncy houses for kids; the main goal was to make sure residents […]

The Essence of Hajj

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Abu Uthman al-Sabani al-Shafii (d 449) in his book Kitab ul Maitain narrates Prophet Muhammad as saying, “towards the end of the time, four main groups of people will flock around the Kaaba to perform Hajj: The powerful rulers to have fun or to enjoy the occasion, the rich people to […]

Rise and fall of Muslim civilization: The causes and cures

by Basheer Ahmed M.D. The Qur’an started with the word “IQRA” which means “Read” and Allah (SWT) reminds us that every Muslim man’s and woman’s prayer should be: “Rabbi zidni ‘Ilmaa” (O Lord, increase me in ‘ilm (knowledge) -20-114, and Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said, “The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood […]

Israel: No Longer “the Only Democracy in the Middle East”

by Dr. Muqtedar Khan Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “defining moment” when the Israeli parliament passed the Basic Law: Israel – The Nation-State of the Jewish People. He was slightly off the mark. This law redefines Israel. The document codifies the ethnonationalism that now dominates the Israeli political landscape. Israelis have achieved […]

Staying Cool: Modest Muslim Fashion for Hot Summer Days

by Ayesha Mushtaq “How are you not dying in that?” “Aren’t you sweating?” “Just take it off, I’m sure God would understand!” Dressing modestly is a very important part of a Muslim girl’s life. But during the hotter weather, this can be very tough, testing patience and faith. Managing to look cute, while simultaneously trying to […]

Department of Interior Turns Department of Oil Pipelines

by TMO Staff Recently, it was found that The United States Department of Interior has been attempting to decrease the sizes of national parks to allow for more big businesses and corporations to dig up the lands to build pipelines and search for other natural resources. This has angered many people because the pipeline not […]

Muslim Fashion: Brands You Need To Know

by Tania Dawood Within a matter of just a few years, Muslim-owned modest clothing lines and styles have taken off in the United States. No longer is the modesty of a Muslim woman associated with a singular thought of one black gown- though that remains an elegant option as well. From selling fashionable abayas, modeling […]

President Donald Trump Tweeted About Iran In ALL CAPS

by TMO Staff President Trump threatened to retaliate if Iran were to threaten the United States or its allies ever again. Foreign Affairs Minister of Iran responded with his own tweet, stating that he was not impressed, nor was he scared of President Trump’s threats. White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, said that President Trump’s […]

Grilled Salmon Burgers

by Noor H. Salem It’s mid-summer, and you’re perhaps at the midst of enjoying plenty of barbequed meat, poultry, burgers, and hotdogs. While protein is crucial for your physical and mental wellbeing, making wise choices is important for your long-term health. Unfortunately, popular grilling food items, such as hot dogs and burgers, can be extremely unhealthy. […]

Homemade Potato Wedges

by Noor H. Salem French fries are simply a fast-food favorite for children and adults alike. While those crunchy, excessively salty, greasy sticks of potatoes may be satisfying to your taste buds, they are extremely detrimental to your wellbeing. Many restaurant chains use more than a dozen ingredients, including preservatives and lab-made chemicals, in their potato […]

Global Impact Day: Gardening to Make a Difference

by Noor H. Salem Global Impact Day is a worldwide event held by Al-Maghrib Institute, in which more than 25 cities participate. The mission is to put knowledge into action, and through different means give back to the community. The theme this year focused on the environment, but the creativity that emerged under the umbrella of […]

Ulema, Religious Scholars push Taliban for peace Talks, denounce ongoing war

by Lailuma Noori Courtesy of the Kabul Times As illegal and anti-Islamic war is going on in Afghanistan, the ‘International Conference of Muslim Scholars on Peace and Stability in Afghanistan’ was attended by nearly 100 religious Ulema and scholars from Afghanistan and 37 Islamic countries of the world. The conference was hosted by Saudi Arabia in collaboration […]