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Carson makes mockery of mental illness, uses bigotry against Muslims

By Halim Naeem, psychologist and president of Muslim Mental Health Ben Carson has shown his incompetence as an aspiring civil servant yet again. Calling ‘Sharia adherent’ Muslims “schizophrenic” for engaging a democracy is simultaneously stigmatizing and bigoted. Carson should take a lesson from the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI).  It is wrong to stigmatize […]

Nike dispute resolved

By Susan Schwartz, contributing writer Nadeel Kaukab, a 40-year-old Muslim residing in New York City, found himself in a dispute recently with the NIKE Inc. Kaukab attempted to purchase a pair of shoes from the popular retailer using their customizable option, NIKEiD, on their website. Kaukab wanted the words ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslim’ written on his shoes and […]

Letter from the editor

Every year brings new goals and resolutions and this year is no different for the team at the Muslim Observer (TMO). As the days are flying by and we are well on our way to the heavy rains and coming blooms of spring, the changes at TMO are going to reflect our own season of […]

It’s Ramadan

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer “We had three months to do pioneering work.  This had never been done before and we really had our work cut out for us,” said Wissam Bazzi, founder of the “It’s Ramadan” commercial campaign. In efforts of battling negative stereotypes of Islam and the rise of Islamophobia in America, Bazzi […]