Ayesha Ibrahim Speaks

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Ayesha Ibrahim Speaks

Ayesha IbrahimAyesha Ibrahim, a graduating nursing major , was selected to address the 200 graduates from Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies in Washington, D.C.,  at a special schoolwide awards ceremony known as Tropaia.

An accomplished student Ibrahim had won several scholarships and awards. Last month she received the School of Nursing & Health Studies’ Landegger Community Service Award. At the university she was  a member of the Minority Health Initiative Group, NHS Academic Council, Muslim Student Association, and GU Women of Color.

“Whatever it is that makes you tick don’t lose sight of that,” she told her classmates from all four majors, according to the release. “Use that passion that you possess to move forth in your career, reach new heights and leave your mark on this Earth. … I would like to leave you all with one last message, carry the Jesuit principles of cura personalis and being men and women for others with you always.”

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