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  1. Haniff Mohamed
    Haniff Mohamed says:

    Thanks and congratulations for job well done. This site is great and very informative. The IMO of Toronto is a leading jamaat in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. For the past two years we have used FCNA astronomical calculation and followed closely the calendar dates of Ramadan. This year, Insha-Allah we shall observe the 1st day of Ramadan on Saturday August 22, 2009 and Eidul Fitr on Sunday September 20, 2009.

    Please send the Ramadan calendar asap via e-mail to the address above showing the daily times for all Salaats, including the Tarawih prayer which begins on Friday August 21, 2009. I have been searching your site for this information which is required to prepare our Ramadan schedule.

    Allah Bless!

    Br. Haniff

  2. TMO
    TMO says:

    Recommend you use the free Firefox web browser with the “Pray Times” add-on. You can configure it for your madhhab and location using zip code. It works very well in the United States, assume it also works well in Canada. Or alternatively you can go to islamicity.com and get prayer times there. We cannot get prayer times for you, sorry. Wish you a happy and successful Ramadan and that Allah is happy with you from your Ramadan and Sha`ban. Take care.