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Fervor and excitement are growing in Beverly Hills, Michigan, where a new educational challenge is gaining momentum for children in the Muslim community.  A novel educational environment that combines Islamic tradition and the instruction of Arabic language with the time-honored Montessori philosophy of childhood education is taking shape at the Beverly Hills Academy.  Now accommodating children from ages three through third grade, and with plans in September to expand the Academy to include toddlers (18 – 36 months) through fourth grade, the school is about to complete its first year of operation with unheralded success. 

The mission of the Beverly Hills Academy is to promote academic achievement with moral development and responsible student behavior.  The academic program stresses basic Islamic principles, allowing students to maintain their Islamic dignity and character, and grow in Islamic traditions and values.  Students are guided to read, understand, and interpret the Quran and apply it to relevant aspects of Islamic principles and behavior.  The Academy’s Arabic language program promotes each child’s mastery of the Arabic language, beginning at the individual child’s level of proficiency and understanding.  The Arabic language is taught at the academy as a second language with no prior knowledge required.  Our children are encouraged to progress individually beginning with the auditory and visual recognition of Arabic communication, and moving on at an individualized pace to learn more advanced vocabulary and grammatical concepts. 

Unique to the Beverly Hills Academy is the combination of Arabic and Islamic teaching within the structure of the Montessori Method of preprimary and elementary education.  Montessori provides a warm and safe, yet challenging environment where children can grow and develop emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively on a timetable that is unique to each child.  Thus, an individualized approach for each child creates a balance between their present capabilities and their rate of learning.  In the “prepared Preprimary environment” at Beverly Hills Academy, there are four distinct areas in the classroom – practical life, sensorial, mathematics and language – with science, geography, art, music, physical education and cultural enrichment.   The Montessori elementary environment balances the child’s developing imagination and powers of abstraction with down -to-earth, concrete, hands-on materials.  Students pursue their own interests at their own pace, without textbooks or time blocks for each subject.

The teachers at Beverly Hills Academy are all fully trained, credentialed, and experienced in the Montessori Method of education.  A  Montessori curriculum consulting firm also provides ongoing support, evaluation and direction ensuring high academic standards.  Teachers from the Muslim community, especially skilled in teaching Arabic language and Islamic tradition and a highly qualified Arabic language consultant, round out the experiences provided for each child.

At Beverly Hills Academy, a growing sense of family and community pride is rapidly propelling students to become learners, leaders, and achievers in the Muslim and global community.  The tuition fees are competitively priced with other local private schools in the area.  The Academy eagerly extends an invitation to all interested parents and their children to attend the next open house on Sunday, April 19, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Come visit with our current families and tour our newly renovated building.  Further information is available by contacting the Academy’s office at 248-433-9470 or by visiting the Academy’s website at  

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