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  • Ben Carson’s Muslim comments ignore his own denomination’s history

    Ben Carson’s Muslim comments ignore his own denomination’s history

    By Aaron Griffith Religion News Service When Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson stated that he does not believe a Muslim belongs in the White House, he was following a long-standing, bipartisan American political tradition of assailing religious minorities for their perceived anti-Americanism. Take anti-Catholicism, for example. Former President John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson in

  • A secret Muslim president? Been there, done that.

    A secret Muslim president? Been there, done that.

    By Stephen Prothero USA Today In a Republican primary season that has stoked fears of the undesirables and the undocumented in our midst, it now seems to be the Muslims’ turn. Last week, Donald Trump let slide the comments of a man at a New Hampshire town hall meeting who called President Obama a Muslim,

  • #IStandWithAhmed: The viral effect of social media hashtags

    By Naila Sheikh Brown Girl Magazine Imagine if someone were to time travel from the 19th century into our present world. Upon his/her first encounter with a digital iPhone device, he/she would be shocked at the metallic creature that isn’t breathing, nor seemingly alive, yet forms words on screen with the constant tapping of the

  • The first public school in the country to require a world religions course

    The first public school in the country to require a world religions course

    By Joseph Laycock The following is reprinted with permission from Religion Dispatches. Follow RD on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates. We are a nation of religious illiterates. From the differences between Sunni and Shia Muslims, to the Hindu values invoked by India’s BJP party, to Biblical allusions that saturate American political rhetoric, survey data shows

  • What they don’t teach you at Sunday school

    By Haroon Moghul There’s a fair chance you, like me, are the first generation of your family born here, that you were a guinea pig, too. I don’t begrudge the sincerity and dedication my parents and their peers showed in shaping us. Coming halfway around the world, to an alien culture, disconnected from everyone they

  • Richmond’s rich biking hub potential

    By Ibrahim Abdul-Matin From September 19 to September 27 in Richmond, Virginia, one thousand of the world’s top cyclists will compete in the 2015 Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Road World Championships, affectionately known as #Richmond2015. This is the first time in 30 years the race is being held in the USA. The riders are competing on behalf

  • Malcolm X and Ahmed Mohamed

    By Sajid Khan Malcolm X, in his autobiography, details a life altering interaction he had with his 7th grade teacher.  The teacher said, “Malcolm, you ought to be thinking about a career. Have you been giving it thought?” Malcolm responded, “Well, yes, sir, I’ve been thinking I’d like to be a lawyer.”  The teacher, according

  • Ahmed Mohamed is owed an apology

    Ahmed Mohamed is owed an apology

    Ruth Nasrullah Religion News Service Ahmed Mohamed is a winsome and kind of nerdy boy from Irving, Texas, who wears rectangular glasses and has the classic look of a 14-year-old hovering on the cusp of adulthood. His youthful enthusiasm prompted him on Monday (Sept. 14) to bring a successful engineering project, a homemade digital clock,

  • Race and the hijabinista

    Race and the hijabinista

    By Keziah Ridgeway Hijabinista. Hijabista. MusDiva. Whatever you call them, Muslim women who use social media to highlight their love of fashion and creativity have become all the rage. This phenomenon, spurred by the daunting task of finding fashion forward clothing, has even made its way into mainstream media. From the very beginning, hijabista’s created

  • Building immunity holistically

    Building immunity holistically

    By Noor H. Salem With winter right around the corner, it’s a great time to strengthen your immune system before flu season kicks in. While it’s normal to catch a cold here and there, strengthening your immune system naturally can result in less sickness. That way, you can spend your winter productively, rather than feeling

  • Palestinian group to build cancer center

    By Susan Schwartz TMO Contributing Writer The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) has announced plans to construct a pediatric oncology center in Gaza, a first for that beleaguered land and only the second in the occupied Palestinian territories. This proposed center will be located in a specialized pediatric hospital. Children who suffer from cancer in

  • Football frustration

    Football frustration

    By Ibrahim Abdul-Matin My growing frustration with football is not a secret. I’ve written a handful of pieces now critiquing the industry, the brutal environment, and of course the (mis)behaviors of athletes.  My latest thinking is how it takes so much time away from our families and for that reason, I avoided the entire preseason. But, it’s a

  • Professor Alwishah’s new book on Aristotle  

    CLAREMONT,CA–Ahmed Alwishah, associate professor of philosophy at Pitzer College, has co-edited a collection of essays, Aristotle and the Arabic Tradition, that examines Aristotle’s enduring legacy through the lens of the Arabic tradition. The book, co-edited by Alvernia University Assistant Professor of Philosophy Josh Hayes, is scheduled for release this month by Cambridge University Press. In

  • Ahmed Louri named installed as Karlgaard professor

    Professor Ahmed Louri was installed as the first  David and Marilyn Karlgaard Professor at George Washington University.  Professor Louri’s primary research interests are in computer architecture.  Professor Louri was a member of the faculty of the University of Arizona’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from 1988 to 2015. At the University of Arizona, he

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