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  • Faculty Award for Dr. Shamim Khan

    COLUMBUS, GA–Dr. Shamim Khan, a professor of computer science at Combus State University, was awarded the faculty service award at its annual awards ceremony. The award recognizes those members of our faculty who have contributed outstanding professional service to the university and/or the community, according to a press release. Dr. Khan has taught Computer Science

  • Islamic Awareness at Binghampton U.

    BINGHAMPTON, NY–The Muslim Students Association at Binghampton University held a very successful Islamic Awareness Week. The events included lectures, fast-a-thon, and a basketball tournament to held Syrian refugees, the BU Pipe Dream student newspaper reported. At a well attended talk Imam Anas Shaikh from the Islamic Organization of Southern Tier, discussed the role of Moses

  • Muslim, Jewish students create shared sacred space

    BRONX,NY–Muslim and Jewish students in South Bronx came together to clean up a facility which will serve as a prayer space for both faiths. Channel 12 News reported that about 50 Jewish and Muslim teens gave a makeover to the Islamic Cultural Centre building which will soon house both faiths. Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn said that

  • Dr. Arshad Hussain receives award

    KANSAS CITY, MO–The University of Missouri School of Medicine’s highest honor – the Citation of Merit – was awarded to Syed Arshad Husain, MD, at ceremony on April 16. Dr.Husain is the professor emeritus of psychiatry and child health and a 1970 fellowship graduate of MU’s psychiatry department. He is internationally known for helping traumatized

  • A public defender’s battle scars

    A public defender’s battle scars

    By Sajid Khan I sat in my office on a Friday afternoon, a weekend away from the start of trial.  Jury selection would commence Monday.  I took a few moments to ensure I possessed the entire discovery, completed our investigation and identified the issues and a game plan.  I gathered shirts and slacks for my

  • Woman sues Ohio jail for forced Christian services

    OnIslam & News Agencies OHIO – A Muslim woman has sued a northeast Ohio county for forcing her to participate in Christian services while serving time in jail, in the second lawsuit by a Muslim against the county for the same reason. “Those services were decidedly and unambiguously Christian in character,” Sonya Abderrazzaq, said in

  • The eyes have it: macular degeneration

    The eyes have it: macular degeneration

    By Fasiha Hasham Eyes are the most precious gift from the Almighty. They are a gift that we usually take for granted, but if something happens to our sight we are unable to perform our daily activities and face difficulties even in performing the simplest of tasks. Macular degeneration can be defined as the degeneration

  • Baltimore riots: the fire this time and the fire last time and the time between

    Baltimore riots: the fire this time and the fire last time and the time between

    By Chad Posick, Kate Drabinski & Michael Sierra-Arevalo The Conversation Re-Development and the uprisings Kate Drabinski, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Today, the news media will look over the aftermath of yesterday’s uprising in Baltimore and take stock of the burned remains of cars and storefronts. Reporters will also see the shells of 46,000 empty

  • Your mental patient is our dictator

    Your mental patient is our dictator

    Hitting the clash of civilizations thesis head-on only leaves both parties more or less mangled. The best response is to change lanes. Avoid the collision. Don’t even travel in the same direction. Get to where you’re going by going somewhere else. The challenge we face is not in explaining why Muslims turn to violence, because

  • American fencing champion trains for Rio Olympics

    American fencing champion trains for Rio Olympics

    OnIslam & Newspapers NEW YORK — On the narrow fencing strip where she trains, Ibtihaj Muhammad’s moves are decisive and strategic as she lunges, retreats and extends her saber with the agility and grace of a dancer; skills she has been fine-tuning since the age of 13 when she first entered the sport of fencing.

  • Makkah’s Holy Mosque opens new mataf

    Makkah’s Holy Mosque opens new mataf

    OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – Catering to the growing number of Muslim worshippers travelling to the holy land, the expansion of the mataf, or circumambulation area around the Kaaba, will be opened in Ramadan, with an hourly capacity for 100,000 worshipers. “We are currently working on utility buildings, which include government offices, the operations room,

  • Leaving medicine for the world of art design

    Leaving medicine for the world of art design

    By Sabiha Ansari and Faisal Masood How many doctors do you know that would leave behind a lucrative career in medicine and instead turn to starting their own Islamic art company? We know one such person. Graduating from Cornell, completing medical school in upstate New York, and an added internship at University of Medicine and

  • US ‘Unveiled’ show tells Muslims’ stories

    OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – Giving voice to American Muslim women, a California show will depict the negative portrayals of veiled women post 9/11 in a bid to create dialogue, amid soaring Islamophobia. “I hope it’s entertaining and I hope it creates dialogue,” Rohina Malik, a Muslim Chicago playwright and actress, told Times Herald. “I’m

  • First Qur’an recitation at Hagia Sofia in 85 years

    First Qur’an recitation at Hagia Sofia in 85 years

    OnIslam & Newspapers ISTANBUL – A Muslim cleric has for the first time in 85-years recited the Holy Qur’an in public inside the Hagia Sophia. A verse from the Holy Qur’an was recited late Friday at a ceremony in the Hagia Sophia to mark the opening of a new exhibition “Love of the Prophet.” It

  • Florida Muslims help needy children

    OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – Giving back to their community, Florida Muslims held the 18th annual Islamic Charity Festival to help hundreds of needy children in Tampa city. Addressing the crowd, Talib Ali, a member of the Tampa Bay Muslim Alliance stated, “When we give to charity in the name of Allah, we verify that

  • ISPU fundraiser hosts visiting Harvard professor

    By Aatif Ali Bokhari TMO Managing Editor The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) held its spring fundraising dinner last Saturday at the Muslim Unity Center in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. ISPU is a think-tank that provides expert analysis, insight and context to critical issues, with an emphasis on those issues related to Muslim communities

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