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Commendable Hifz School

By TMO Stringer

1st plc Mostafa first place besher-kashlan
First Place winner in the fourth level: Noor Mostafa First Place winner in the first level: Besher Kashlan
2nd place abunada 3rd place demashkieh
Second Place winner in the first level : Ghassan Abunada Third Place winner in the first level : Luay Demashkieh.
4th place kashlan whoxx
Fourth Place winner in the first level: Yusuf Kashlan Audience members enjoy the qirat competition.

The Muslim Unity Center held a Qur`an recitation contest during Ramadan; the contest showed the tremendous skills of the hifz school students.

The hifz school students, taught by Sheikh Ahmed Mabrouk, also recited beautifully during tahajjud and taraweeh prayers during Ramadan.

The Qur`an competition was divided into four categories based on age and level of study.  The ages of the students varied from 6 to 14.

The contestants recited surahs of their own choice, and after each recitation the mosque was filled with shouts of “Subhanallah” and “Allahu Akbar,” and those in attendance showered praise on the management of the Unity Center for organizing such  an event on the auspicious occasion of Laylatul Qadr, when Qur`an was first revealed to Prophet (s).

The winners of the first level of the contest were the following:  Dania Demashkieh and (1st level) Besher Kashlan; in second place  (1st level) Ghassan Abunada; third place (1st level) Luay Demashkieh; fourth place (1st level) was Yusuf Kashlan; in fifth place was Hamzah Kaakarli.


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