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Imam Hendi hopes for a peaceful future

CLARION, PA–Imam Yahya Hendi, the Muslim Chaplain at Georgetown, said the common values shared by Jews, Christians and Muslims can provide the means for a more peaceful future.

“Yesterday has been very bitter and bloody,” Imam Yahya Hendi said during an interfaith roundtable dialogue event held at Clarion University. “What happened (years ago) . . . however painful, we have to move beyond it for the sake of our children. Our faiths share a common core of ethical values.”

Hendi was one of three speakers for “Abrahamic Dialog: What Binds Us Together?”

It was sponsored by the Clarion Campus Ministries and the Interfaith Roundtable of Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Hendi is the Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University, Imam of the Islamic Society of Frederick, Md., and Muslim chaplain at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

Moina Shaiq Named Woman of the Year

California State Senator San Leandro Ellen Corbett announced this week that Moina Shaiq has been named Woman of the Year in the 10th District. Shaiq co-founded the Muslim Support Network in 2005 and has been president of the group since its inception.

“Moina is an incredible woman who has dedicated her life to her family and community,” Senator Corbett said. “She is an inspiration to so many people and continues to show the importance of investing in our local communities.”

Shaiq ran her own computer sales business for ten years before becoming involved in community affairs.

The Muslim Support Network provides language and cultural outreach and also offers health services to the community. Shaiq and her husband Mohammad have lived in Fremont for 25 years and have four children.

“When I got the call from Senator Corbett, I felt very overwhelmed and humbled on getting this recognition,” said Shaiq. “I feel very honored because my goal is to work toward the common good of the community. I want to build bridges and contribute to our community as much as I can.”

Islamic finance seminar in Chicago attracts industry leaders

CHICAGO,IL–Industry experts, academic scholars and members of the general public attended Chicago’s first conference on Islamic finance, held on Thursday, March 13. Hosted by DePaul University’s College of Commerce, “The Islamic Finance Seminar: Opportunities for Growth in the Modern Financial Age” explored a variety of topics including Sharia-compliant financial and investment vehicles for both consumers and institutions.

“Chicago has quickly become a focal point in the Islamic finance sector,” said Fawad Butt, founder and managing partner at Zeus Capital Advisers. “The seminar was an outstanding opportunity to gather many of principle players in the industry, and discuss the successes, challenges and opportunities in Islamic finance”

Organized by Zeus Capital Advisers and the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), the seminar helped fund ISPU’s “Muslim Wealth Project.” The study will provide further information and insight on Muslim finances by examining the type of purchases they make, charitable donations, financial investments, retirement planning, and property ownership. The study will also attempt to measure the demand and adoption of Sharia-compliant financial products. Participants will be asked to specify the most needed and desirable Sharia compliant products and services unavailable in the U.S market place today.

“The ‘Muslim Wealth Project’ will help members of our community, as well as the businesses that serve them,” said Fakhia Rashid, director of development for ISPU. “This information is critical the Islamic finance community to understand their consumers, and ultimately, provide better and better products and services for them.”

According to Karen Hunt, professor and founder of the Islamic finance class at DePaul University, the Islamic finance industry currently has assets in the range of $500 to $800 billion. Hunt expects this number to triple by 2015, and reach nearly $3 trillion.

Panelists at the seminar included: Fawad Butt, Zeus Capital Advisers; Fakhia Rashid, ISPU; Karen Hunt; DePaul University; Salman Ibrahim, SunRise Development; Omer Ahmed; Abaris Capital Advisers; Amjad Quadri, University Bank; David Loundry, Devon Bank; Nasser Nubani, Zayan Finance; Junaid Afeef, Zayan Finance; Tariq Al-Rifai, UIB Capital, Inc.; Bradley P. Summers, Merrill Lynch; Mushtaq Hussain, Saturna Capital Corp.; and Yusuf Hai, CIG Corp.

New Imam at Missouri Mosque

COLUMBUS,MO–The Islamic Center of Central Missouri appointed a new Imam earlier this month after searching for a person who could cater to the diverse needs of the multicultural and multilingual congregation of about 700 people.

Sixty percent of American mosques are currently searching for an imam, said board Chairman Ahmed Habib, because American mosques have specific needs.

“It’s easy to get” an imam “from overseas, but then you run into a language barrier,” Habib said. “We need someone who speaks both Arabic and English, someone who can cater to both immigrants and the youth growing up in this country.”


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