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Illinois mosque opens doors for all

FRANKFORT,IL–The American Islamic Association mosque opened its doors for people of all faiths during its seventh annual community fair and picnic on June 10th. The idea behind the open house was to dispel the myths and misperceptions about Islam and Muslims.

“Because of the fear about Muslims that what do we do in our prayer house, maybe we are anti-Americans and we talk about terrorism,” said Shahzad Khan, a representative of the mosque to the ABC7 News. “So the idea is to be open and be friends with everyone and let people know we are a peaceful people.”

Visitors to the fair were offered a tour of the Sunday classes, ask questions, and were also treated to a sampling of ethnic food.

Muslim invocation speaker at high school graduation

NEW HAVEN,CT–A Connecticut school has set a new example in promoting interfaith understanding by having a Muslim invocation speaker at its annual graduation ceremony. It was a first in the history of the Hopkins School and probably in the state as well as elsewhere.

Imam Omer Bajwa, coordinator for Muslim life at Yale University, blessed the proceedings and told the crowd, “we are grateful for our beloved family, friends and teachers, and grateful for all those who have encouraged, nurtured and taught these students. These students are yesterday’s miracle, today’s wonder and tomorrow’s hope.”

Muslims oppose liquor shop close to mosque

PHILADELPHIA,PA–Muslims in Philadelphia are opposing plans for a liquor shop to be opened in close proximity to a mosque. Members of Masjid al-Jamia say that having a liquor store in such close proximity is offensive and poses security issues.

“It’s a bad area, there’s already a lot of problems there,” said Mohammed Musa, one of the 305 signatories of the petition against the liquor store  in an interview to the Dali Pennsylvanian. He  goes to the plaza for a halal restaurant and butcher stop and said many would stop coming if the liquor store is approved.

The Zoning Board is expected to make a decision in the next few days according to reports.


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