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Shakeeb Khan named as co-editor of Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

ALEXANDRIA,VA– The American Statistical Association (ASA), the nation’s pre-eminent professional statistical society, has announced that Shakeeb Khan have been selected as the new co-editor for the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics (JBES).

Dr. Khan is professor of economics at Duke University and specializes in microeconometrics. He received his PhD in economics from Princeton in 1997. His research is primarily theoretical, but the questions he studies are empirically driven. He is an active researcher and is familiar with the issues that interest economists. Dr. Khan has been an associate editor for JBES for more than five years and is familiar with the JBES editorial process.

Laila Haider joins Edgeworth Economics

Leading consulting firm Edgeworth Economics is proud to announce Dr. Laila Haider has joined the firm as a Senior Vice President in the firm’s Washington D.C. office.

“Dr. Laila Haider is one of the leading economic experts in class actions—both in labor and employment and antitrust,” said Dr. John Johnson, Edgeworth Economics’ CEO. “Her outstanding teaching skills, her thoughtful application of economics, and her demeanor as an expert witness all fit beautifully with the Edgeworth culture. Laila is a highly sought after expert and would be a tremendous asset to any economic consulting firm; we are delighted and extremely proud she has chosen to bring her practice to Edgeworth.”

“I am honored and excited to join the very talented team of economists at Edgeworth,” said Dr. Haider. “Clients facing class actions, antitrust, and labor and employment issues are increasingly winning litigation based on demonstrated economic analyses and expert testimony. Edgeworth has proven this value to its clients across numerous industries, and I look forward to bringing my economic expertise to add to this positive record.”

Dr. Haider is an economic expert in antitrust, labor economics, and commercial damages. She has substantial experience providing both expert testimony and consulting in a range of antitrust and labor and employment cases. Dr. Haider has particular expertise in the application of statistics and econometrics to litigation issues.

Dr. Haider’s antitrust expertise includes price fixing, bid rigging, monopolization, fraud disputes, damages, and mergers and acquisitions. She is an expert in the economics of class certification, with extensive experience analyzing economic issues for both direct purchaser and indirect purchaser litigation. Dr. Haider has analyzed antitrust and competition in many industries, including health care, pharmaceutical, chemical, building products, paper products, polyester staple, airline, financial, and technology.

Dr. Haider’s labor and employment expertise includes discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hours, and personal injury. Her deep background in class action litigation and her capacity with complex data allow her to excel at the critical issues that arise in labor litigation.

Dr. Haider has published papers and spoken widely on antitrust and labor and employment issues. She co-authored an article on antitrust class actions in The Antitrust Practitioner with Dr. Johnson and Ian Simmons, and her academic research has been published in the Journal of the European Economic Association. Prior to joining Edgeworth, Dr. Haider was a senior consultant at NERA, and a consultant at the World Bank where she conducted research on issues such as poverty, employment, and wage inequality.

Dr. Haider has a Ph.D. in economics, with distinction, from Columbia University, and bachelor’s in economics from Gettysburg College.

Wasim Khan claims victory of First Amendment

PARSIPPANY,NY–Political success is much more than a win at the ballot box. This has been proved by Wasim Khan who has claimed the decision of the New Jersey Supreme Court’s judgement on window signs as a victory of the rights of the citizens.

The New Jersey Supreme Court decided last Wednesday in favor of Khan and his right to hang election signs in his home over the objection of his condominium association.

“We won for the rights of a million fellow New Jerseyans and countless more across the U.S, and tens of thousands [in] Morris County,” said an elated Khan, a cancer doctor who consults with pharmaceutical firms and is a current Democratic candidate for the Morris County Board of Freeholders.

The case came down to a 5-1 ruling that the Mazdabrook Commons Homeowners’ Association violated Khan’s right to freedom of expression when it forced him to take down campaign signs for his own Town Council run from the front door and side window of his townhouse.

Mosque decision delayed in Kane County

CARPENTERSVILLE,IL–The American Muslim Community Organization has to wait for a month to get a decision on its plans for a permanent space from Kane County Board’s Development Committee.
The group’s plan calls for converting a home into a mosque. With a 750-foot addition, group leaders believe the home could accommodate as many as 80 people.

Committee members ordered a health department review of the septic system before granting approval of the mosque application. That will delay the mosque plan for at least 30 days.


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