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Mosque plans for Carpentersville approved

CHICAGO,IL–Plans for a mosque in suburban Chicago has been approved unanimously by the Kane County Board. The singular note of objection was filed a local farmer who had cited parking, zoning and septic issues. The Courier-News reported that all the issues have been addressed to the board’s satisfaction and it therefore voted unanimously.

The American Muslim Community Organization plans to convert a residential property into a mosque which would serve around eighty people.

Fast-a-thon at Oregon State University

CORVALLIS, OR–For Muslim students staying away from home Ramadan can be a lonely experience. But with the help of organizations like the Muslim Students Association and active cooperation of students of all faiths the holy month can become a memorable experience for all. For the past few years MSAs across the country have been holding Fast-a-thons to educate and also help the needy.
At Oregon State University this week the MSA is organizing one such event with a banquet of Indian food. The first one hundred people who donate non-persihable food received a free ticket to the banquet. The event also included a panel discussion on Ramadan, interfaith unity, and the importance of Ramadan.

LA Muslims feed the homeless

LOS ANGELES,CA–Muslims around the world turn their special attention towards the homeless in the month of Ramadan. The thirty day fasting creates in them sympathy for those who are in need. In Los Angeles 11 years ago concerned Muslims started a campaign to feed the homeless and also to educate the public about Islam.

Deemed the Humanitarian Day the Muslim organizers help provide clothing, food, and water to the homeless in some of the most poverty ridden areas of the city.
Joining them were also several non-Muslims who were inspired by the message.


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