Community News (Vol. 14 Iss. 4)

Faith leaders work together in Quad City

QUAD CITY,IA–A Muslim Imam, a Chtistian Priest, and a Jewish Rabbi in Quad City have come together to promote tolerance and understanding between the various faith groups. They have launched a series of inter-religious dialogue session which begin this week and continue into March. The first one will be held on  January 19th at the Islam Center of Quad Cities.

Imam Saad Baig told the Quad City Times that said such education teaches respect for all faiths.  There also is value in seeing leaders of these faiths together on one stage, he pointed out. Baig cited a phrase that he believes is central to the outreach effort: “The more you sweat in making peace, the less you will bleed in war.”

The other two sessions will be held on Feb.16th and March.15 at the Tri-City Jewish Center and the St. Pius X Catholic Church respectively.

Muslims march for peace in Memphis

MEMPHIS,TN–Members of the Alrasool Islamic Center marched for peace last Saturday in an  event called the “March for Imam Hussain.”

Members of the Alrasool Islamic Center said similar marches were taking place all over the world.

Demonstrators said the commemoration is done yearly, but said they are the only Shia Muslims who participate in Memphis.

The members of Alrasool said the demonstration was open to the public for participation.

New York’s Halal man fondly remembered

Essam Ahmed was the popular owner of a halal stand in New York. His customers were deeply saddened by his death, reports the DNA INfo portal.

Ahmed’s family and shocked customers are now mourning the death of a fixture of the block who helped bring a smile and tasty food to their day.

It seems like every person who works along the block where Ahmed set up his cart had a story of him showing remarkable kindness. Customers on the block said that Ahmed — called “Sam” by most of his regulars — helped humanize an often fast-paced, frantic area of Midtown, where a halal cart usually meant giving  an order and getting a quick meal.

Ahmed was different, friends and family said. He would talk, joke, even regularly give free meals to nearby homeless people.

Muslim interfaith fellows sought

STONY POINT,NY–The Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center is currently seeking Muslim Interfaith Fellows for residency in their community.

The center is dedicated in building multifaith community grounded in nonviolence and are currently in our third year. Recruiting Muslim Interfaith Fellows is a top priority for them. The initiative is dedicated to making the beauty of Islam evident to the world.

Those interested can contact the center by emailing at or by visiting


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