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Community News Volume 15 Issue 30

Asif Ahmed named new Anthelio CEO

7-16-2013-5-26-59-PM_thumbDALLAS — Anthelio Healthcare Solutions (Anthelio) announced that Asif Ahmad will become its new CEO effective as of July 30, 2013. He has been Senior Vice President of Information & Technology Services for McKesson Specialty Health since August 2010. Mr. Ahmad has unique experience in leading software development, strategy, product management, clinical operations, informatics/IT, patient safety, research administration, revenue cycle and global expansion. Prior to joining McKesson he was VP, Diagnostic Services/CIO and Associate Dean at Duke University Health System and Medical Center; and he was also CIO/CTO and Chair of Clinical Technology Council of The Ohio State University Health System and Medical Center. His many awards and honors include 2010 named top 10 Disruptive Forces in Health IT (Fierce HealthIT), 2009 CIO Hall of Fame (CIO Magazine) and 2008 Top 100 Leaders Award (Computerworld).

Muslim inmates observe Ramadan

WICHITA,KS–Muslim inmates at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility are joining their religious brethren in the observance of Ramadan.

That takes some effort from prison officials, who change procedures to allow about 60 inmates to follow the practice of not eating or drinking during daylight hours.

Food services provide the inmates with a small meal before daylight and another meal after the sun has gone down. Those who are able to gather together four of the five times during the day to pray.
The Hutchinson News reports Chaplain Oscar Gomez and prison staff plan for Ramadan for months.

University achievers awarded

East Stroudsburg University Office of Multicultural Affairs hosted its 16th Annual Multicultural Awards and Recognition reception on the college campus. This event recognized students, faculty and staff for their excellence and achievement in academics, leadership and service during the 2012-2013 academic year.

The awards for Muslim Student Association were as follows— Academic Achievement: Aalih Hussein, sophomore, dual major in social work and sociology, East Stroudsburg; Leadership: Atiba Khan, sophomore, business management, Stroudsburg; Commitment: Aiza Khawaja, sophomore, political science with a concentration in pre-law; minor in women’s studies, East Stroudsburg.

Why Islam launches Ramadan outreach

The ‘WHY-ISLAM ‘ project addresses a growing need for accurate information on Islam and Muslims.  During Ramadan, the month in which Muslims abstain from food and drink in an attempt to become closer to God, there is an increased curiosity about Islam from the diverse American society. Fasting is universally recognized as an act of worship that instills spiritual rejuvenation and focus on prayer and God. With the start of Ramadan this month, “WHY ISLAM” has launched several projects to promote increased understanding and dialogue between people of diverse backgrounds.

-  Strategic Billboards have been placed in New Jersey and California. In New Jersey they are placed at south bound NJ Turnpike (between exits 9 and 8A) as well as in Hackensack and Elizabeth NJ.  The billboards, in English and Spanish, highlight commonalities between Islam and other faiths. In California it’s placed on busy expressway in Sunnyvale City.

-  Increased staffing of the 877-WHY-ISLAM hotline to cater for the increased call volumeanticipated during the month.  Callers can access the bi-lingual (English and Spanish) toll free number, 877-WHY-ISLAM (949-47526), for any information or questions about Islam. They can also request a free copy of The Quran with translations in English or Spanish. The 877-WHY-ISLAM call center takes phone calls 24/7 to help the callers with accurate information about Islam.

- Free Ramadan Informational Brochure available to convey the key messages about the holy month and its similarities with other faiths.

- Ramadan focus on www.whyislam.org website. A variety of articles and multimedia productions are featured on the website to provide ready access to informational material on the holy month.

- Mosque visit and ‘iftar program’ -  Ramadan provides the opportunity to participate in a community meal to mark the end of the fast – “iftar”. Interested individuals can call the 877-WHY-ISLAM hotline and a visit to a local “iftar” will be scheduled.


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