Day 16 of Israeli War On Gaza

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Day 16 of Israeli War On Gaza

Death toll 880, wounded 3620

By Sameh A. Habeeb, MMNS Gaza Correspondent

Editor’s note:  Mr. Habeeb is working with serious risk to his safety, including his having received at least two death threats, and making long walks through wartorn streets to maintain his equipment and research stories.

Daily Feed About Gaza War:

1-Air raids on all points where the military ground operation in the first hour of Day 16.

2-Air raid destroyed the house of Abu Nizar Awadallah in Nasir area south north of Gaza.

3-Bombings near Omar Bin Khatab mosque in Khan Younis  in time of dawn prayer for Muslims.

4-Extensive bombings on Palestinian Egyptian borders south of Rafah City.

5-A-25 year old woman  was killed in Khoza’a area due to Phosphorous bombs in Khan Yonis. Around 50 wounded according to medical sources.

6-An air raid destroyed the house of Al Qasam commander, Ahmed Al Ja’bari, in east of Gaza, the Shijaya area.

7-Shells and rockets rained down in Khan Yonis City, targeting open places.

8-A rocket targeted an orphanage and Al Fadila mosque in Rafah City.

9- A Palestinian was killed and his father wounded in an Israeli raid in Khan Yonis City central Gaza.

10-Al Quds brigades: three of its fighters were killed in Jabalia town.

11-The Israeli air force threw thousand of leaflets at Rafah areas near the borders requesting populations to leave their houses.

12-A Palestinian, Baha’ Abed 25 years old, was killed and his sister Shaida Abed wounded in the Jabalia Refugee camp by artillery shells.

13-A Palestinian was killed and 2 wounded in the Al Zana area, east of Khan Yonis City.

14-A rocket hit a car in Rafah and 5 people were wounded in Rafah City.

15-Four Palestinians were wounded in artillery shelling in Jabalia.

16-A Palestinian was killed due to his wounds in Khan Yonis City.

17-An Israeli drone fired a rocket towards Al Karama building, leaving 4 dead from one family, and an old woman. They are Ala Bashir 40, his wife Lamia, 40, their son Sohaib, 18, and Jamila zyada 75 years.

18-A Palestinian was killed, Ebrahim Salma, 25 years old, killed near Al Krama buildings by bombs from the Israeli air force.

19-Artillery shells hit the house of Muhammad Khalaf in Jabalia. Two Palestinians from the same killed, the dead are Ebrahim Khalad, 35, and Belal Yahya,19. Around 10 were wounded before the Israeli army destroyed the house with bulldozers.

20-Five children were killed in Bait Lahia due to Israeli bombings. Two of them are sisters and 7 from others family. The killed ones are Haitham Yaser Ma’rof 12, Jehan, 16, Fatima Ma’rof 16. Two others from Ghaban family whose name are Khawla,16, Sahar, 14.

21- Two Palestinian militants were killed in Shija’ya area east of Gaza City.

22-A rocket targeted the house of Tal’at Hamoda, killing his two sons. One of them is an infant, Fares 1 year and a half, and Muhmmad, 22 years.

23-Head of Emergency and Ambulances: Death toll 880 and injured 3620.

24-A Palestinian was killed in Rafah and several wounded south of the occupied strip.

25-The Israeli army raided the borders with Egypt, many tunnels were destroyed.

26-A Palestinian was killed in Jabalai evening of today. Around 3 others were wounded, medical sources said.

27-Israeli tanks advanced into the Gaza Strip town of Tal Al Hawa. The tanks were faced by heavy fighting, resulting in the deaths of many militants and some civilians. Muhammad Sada, Abd Al Kashif, Ebrahim Hamada, Abdalla Shmalkh, Ali Shamalkh, Esam Shamalkh, Mahmoud Shamalk, Muhammd Tatr, Muhammad Al Naji, Ramzi Abu Ghanima and Ata Al Dahdods. They all were aged between 18 to 37.

28-An artillery shell hit the house of Al Jilb in the Tal Al Hawa area. A 70-year-old man was killed in the attack.

29-A rocket fired from an Israeli drone killed a man aged 24, Nour Abu Amish.

30-Local radios: A Palestinian woman who was going to deliver a baby and two of her relatives were killed in Bait Lahia City. Many were wounded there by an artillery shell which targeted them.

31-Artillery shells targeted many buildings in Tal Al Hawa. Tens were wounded and 3 killed, including a child aged 4 years.

32-Deadly clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinian fighters took place near Jabal Al Kashif area northern Gaza.

33-A Palestinian called Osama Abu Rijila was killed by a rocket fired from a drone in Khan Yonis. Another woman called Hanan Al Najar was also killed.

34-Amnesty claimed that Israeli army is perpetrating War Crimes in Gaza.

35-Two rockets hit the area of Yaromk mid of Gaza, no one was injured in the place.

36-Paramedics found 14 dead bodies after Israeli tanks retreated from the Khan Yonis area.

37-The Israeli army targeted the house of Awad and Hanya in the northern Gaza Strip.

38-Continued shells from Artillery cannons hit the northern Gaza Strip.

39-Heavy shells on the Gaza port and Al Shati’ Refugee camp.

40-Apache helicopters fired at Al Tofah and Sah’f area east of Gaza.

41-Many buildings were destroyed at al Sudanya area.

42-More heavy raids on the borders with Egypt by F16s.

43-More thousands leaflets from Israeli air force in Rafah requesting all residents to leave their houses near Palestinian Egyptian borders.

44-Four people seriously injured in bombings targeted house of Muhammad Al Mutwag in Jabalia.

45-Rocket targeted Al Kahlout family in Gaza City and four people wounded in the place.

46-Palestinian fighters fired 20 rockets into Israeli settlements.

47-More Phosphorous bombs are being used east of Gaza City and this is so clear the TV footage going out of Gaza.

48-Humanitarian Crisis still exacerbated as no access to water and bread.

49-Medical sector still paralyzed!

50-Hundreds of people flee from Jabalia town to Gaza City.

51-Three Egyptian soldiers wounded in Israeli bombings near the borders.

52-Many ambulances stop due to fuel shortages!


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  1. Give me a break
    Give me a break says:

    Iraq Palestinians see hypocrisy in Maliki denouncing Israel’s Gaza attack
    McClatchy Newspapers

    The roads are strewn with trash, and sewage fills the gutters in Baghdad’s Baladiyat district, which for decades has been home to Iraq’s biggest Palestinian community. Banned from holding Iraqi citizenship, even if they were born here, Palestinians lost some of the few rights they had after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 and have lived in fear of Iraqi groups who seek revenge for the Palestinians’ perceived connection to the old regime.

    Now they feel even more alone, as they watch Arab satellite-television news about the fighting in Gaza, which has killed nearly 1,000 Palestinians, among them more than 200 children. They know Palestinians aren’t wanted in Iraq, either.

    “All of my life I have had no passport, no ID, and I’m sitting here living on barakat (blessings),” said Huda Saleh, 39, who runs a small Palestinian children’s club.

    Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s public denunciation of the “major crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza” evoked a bitter laugh from Saleh as she riffled through pictures of Palestinians thought to have been killed by Iraqi Shiite Muslim militias and National Police commandos during the height of sectarian violence.

    “When Maliki talks about Gaza, I ask, ‘What are you doing to us?'” she said. “When Iran talks about Gaza, I think, ‘Who killed us? Wasn’t it your people?'” she asked, referring to Iraqi Shiite militias supported by Iran who targeted them for their supposed allegiance to Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party. “God created us to be beaten, and wherever we go we’re abused.”

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