Dr Husain Nagamia Cardio Vascular Surgeon Nominated for Prestigious “Fredrick Reddy Award”

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Dr Husain Nagamia Cardio Vascular Surgeon Nominated for Prestigious “Fredrick Reddy Award”

By Leon R Crews

The Fredrick Reddy AWARD 2010:

Dr Husain Nagamia has been unanimously nominated by Hillsborough County Medical Association Board (HCMA) to receive the prestigious Dr Fredrick Reddy Award for the year 2010.

This award was established in 2006 by the HCMA and is given on a yearly basis to a physician who exemplifies the ideals set by Dr Fredrick Reddy, a past president of the Association in 1994-95

Dr Fredrick Reddy (Jan 21,1951 to July 27, 2005)  an Afro American Surgeon of exemplary qualities, set the standards of compassion, generosity, philanthropy, and care given as an addition to his professional medical practice, one of excellence and dedication. He was known for his bold new innovations and is remembered as the one that led the integration of the all white “Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla” in 1992. “He could not only heal the body but could heal the soul.” recalls Dr Sylvia Campbell one of the previous award recipients. Dr Dennis Penzell adds that Dr Reddy took care of the poor, “before it was fashionable to do so.”

He came from humble beginnings spending his early childhood in Ybor City in Tampa. His father was in the military, which was to take him to France. On his return Fredrick enrolled at the Meharry Medical College to get his MD.  He became a brilliant student and a surgeon with training under the famous surgeon Dr Mathew Walker. He was to serve at the St Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa as Chief of Trauma Service. He made several trips to Haiti in the 1980s, to operate on the poor and needy. He certainly set an example, which all our young physicians can emulate. Unfortunately he died prematurely at the young age of 54, of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Dr Husain Nagamia is a life member of the HCMA. He has been practicing as a Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgeon for the last 34 years in Hillsborough County. He served as the Chief of that department at Tampa General Hospital (TGH) in 2000-2002 and during his term, offered his services selflessly to all private and indigent patients admitted to his care.

He is a compassionate and caring physician, who has served Hillsborough County residents for 34 years. He has demonstrated a great spirit of giving and caring for the Hillsborough community residents, by not only providing medical service but by also being a generous philanthropist and an exemplary citizen. He was born in India, but migrated to USA in 1970, to become a Cardio Vascular Surgeon, doing his training at the prestigious Boston University and Harvard School of Medicine. He became a US Citizen in 1975.

He pioneered the Annual Charity Festival in Tampa for the last 13 years. The Charity Festival is a way of helping poor and indigent and homeless residents of the Hillsborough County. About 3000-5000 indigent persons are fed annually at the Festival. About 2000 toys and bicycles are given away annually and distributed to deserving kids. Over 200 medical tests are performed for free.  Unlimited free clothing and new shoes are distributed. This act of philanthropy has been recognized by the local media, by his own community, and multiple physician organizations, locally and nationally. He has also received commendations and plaques of recognition, from the United States Department of State, Tampa Police Department and by the Office of Mayor of Tampa.

He also served as the President of the Florida Association of American Physicians from India (FAAPI), the largest Indian Physician organization in the Tampa Bay Area and during his term of office helped raise funding ( in excess of $150,000) for a Scholarship at USF, for deserving medical students. He was an active participant in their “Feed the Hungry Program” conducted during Thanksgiving holidays. He has volunteered at the Metropolitan Ministries’ Feed the homeless program. In the past he has been President of the Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA), the largest organization of Muslim Physicians in North America, and presently serves as the Chairman of the International Institute of Islamic Medicine (IIIM) an organization devoted to the History of Medicine.

Finally, he has been an exemplary physician, a commendable citizen, who has brought care and compassion to medical practice, besides professional excellence. He is well deserving of the award for which he has been nominated. The award will be officially presented by the President of HCMA, at their annual Banquet to be held Nov 16th 2010.

The Florida Sentinel Bulletin

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