Every Pakistani-American Doctor & Engineer Should Prepare A Doctor & An Engineer In Pakistan: Abdus Shakoor Sahab

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Every Pakistani-American Doctor & Engineer Should Prepare A Doctor & An Engineer In Pakistan: Abdus Shakoor Sahab

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO

“If every Pakistani-American Doctor gives scholarship to a talented boy or girl in Pakistan to become a doctor; And every Engineer, Lawyer, Businessperson, and persons in other fields do the same, there will be an incredible change in the fortunes of Pakistan By the Grace of God through these Sadaqae Jariah efforts. We see in Pakistan that there is a boy working in mechanic shop or pushing rickshaw cart, but then due to the God given talents and abilities also top in the examination results of 10th and 12 Grades. We at ALFalah Scholarship Scheme pick up these children, provide them scholarships, so as to make them doctors, engineers, businesspersons, lawyers, journalists, and so on.”

These were the words of Muhammad Abdus Shakoor Sahab, Secretary General of ALKhidmat Foundation (AKF), one of the leading NGOs of Pakistan, as he spoke at a local restaurant about the various programs & projects of AKF. Others who spoke on the occasion were Famous Islamic Scholar Sheikh Yousuf Islahi, Former City of Houston Councilperson Masrur Javed Khan Sahab, Community Organizer Tahir Javed Sahab of Beaumont Texas, Helping Hand For Relief & Development (HHRD) Director of Programs ILyas Hasan Choudry, and Tilawat of Quran done by Administrative Assistant of HHRD Texas Abdullah Elasmar.

“We are credible vetted organization of leading USA NGO Helping Hand For Relief & Development (HHRD) and through a recent MoU with HHRD, AKF will implement the Student Scholarship and Water For Life Projects & Programs of HHRD in Pakistan; while everything will be monitored by HHRD Staff & volunteers in Pakistan. People wanting to participate in the $1,100 Per Year Per Student AKF ALFalah Scholarship Scheme by InShaAllah producing the best near future professionals of Pakistan, should contact HHRD through their website (www.HHRD.Org), local various USA cities offices, or by calling Director of Programs of HHRD ILyas Hasan Choudry at 1.832.275.0786 (E-Mail: ILyas.Choudry@HHRD.US).Same is the contact for the water projects like wells, water pumps, water purification systems, etc that people can get involved with. As we all know Know Water No Life: So Let’s Give Life in Pakistan a Chance through Clean Water & indeed through the Grace of God. For AKF, this 2014- 215 is the Year of Water.” Added Abdus Shakoor Sahab.

Up till now 1,078 students (661 Boys / 417 Girls) having got degrees in Medicine, Engineering, Business, etc. through ALFalah Scholarship Scheme. At this time at least 264 students have applied and waiting to get this yearly Scholarship of $1,100, meaning around $300,000.

“Ramadan is coming. Do consider giving generously towards these Sadaqae Jariah Projects like ALFalah Scholarship Scheme and Water For Life to achieve manifolds Rewards from the Lord of the Worlds, by visiting www.HHRD.Org”. Exclaimed Muhammad Abdus ShakoorSahab.


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