Fruit Diplomacy

By Almas Akhtar, TMO

mangoesMangoes are considered the ‘king of fruits’ and are mostly grown in Southeast Asia and Mexico. Pakistani mangoes are considered the best in the world. Even though Pakistan and the United States have experienced tense diplomatic relations in the last few years, through the efforts of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton an aid of $30 million was granted to Pakistani farmers last year. Pakistani mangoes which are very popular all over the world were introduced in July 2011 in US markets for the first time. The different varieties of mangoes ranging from ‘chausas’, ’sandehri’, ’anwar ratole’ and ‘dasehra’ were exported to cities in the USA. Pakistani mangoes are considered the most delicious in the world. The province of Sindh and Punjab are the two main areas which produce mangoes mainly in the cities of Mir pur Khas, Multan and Rahim Yar Khan.

Last year Pakistani mangoes were available in grocery stores in Chicago and New York. It is believed that this year these mangoes will be available in more cities throughout the United States.Pakistani Immigrants across the country were overjoyed after the introduction of these mangoes. The Pakistani Consulate in Chicago arranged a special event at Palmer House Hilton last July where people were served mangoe shakes, sliced mangoes; mango ice cream floats were presented to the guests. People enjoyed the sweet taste of these mangoes.

It is hoped that this “sweet trade deal” will soften up relations between the United States and Pakistan!


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