Fundraiser: UD Mercy Islamic Studies Minor Program

By Adil James, TMO

About 150 people went to a fundraiser for UD Mercy’s Islamic Studies program, which is championed by Imam Achmat Salie.  The evening garnered approximately $100,000 in combined pledges and donations.  Imam Salie emphasized the importance of building institutions beyond what has already been built in the US, namely mosques.  At this point, he argued, it is time to build a solid foundation of sound Muslim educational institutions.  He therefore invited as a guest speaker a graduate of Hamza Yusuf’s Zaytuna Institute, who spoke very intelligently and well from a Muslim intellectual viewpoint about the intellectual challenges that face Muslims in America.

The rest of the fundraiser showcased a wide variety of Muslim intellectual viewpoints, including a keynote speech which analyzed the differences and similarities between Shi’a and Sunni Islam.
If you would like to support the Islamic Studies program at UD Mercy, please contact Program Director Imam Dr. Achmat Salie, 313-993-1099.


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