God Makes Food–Man Makes Junk Food

By Elder George

The food that God makes nourishes people and helps to keep them healthy. The food that man makes pollutes his body and causes illness. Why then, do people eat junk food instead of God’s food?

The corruption of our eating habits is in keeping with the Western man’s ignorance of God’s world or nature. Instead of learning to be in tune with it he believes he can improve upon it. He believes he can “tame” nature and reform the world to his liking. Each time he deviates from nature problems arise, and then he goes about attempting to fix what he has corrupted. Western society devotes its energies to breaking and fixing things. This activity exists throughout its entire dietary practices.

The consumption of junk foods with high sugar, caffeine, salt, and fat content cause bodily reactions that account for medical issues such as diabetes, obesity, insomnia, depression, nervousness, gout, arthritis, and a host of allergies. These junk foods also create an addiction to their use thus increasing the likelihood that their consumption will continue. The addition of a host of chemicals as preservatives, color enhancers, and taste improvers add to the body toxemia already created by junk foods..

We are told that the life span in the United States has increased significantly from what it was 75 years ago, but this is comparing the life span to the Western corrupted environment of those who labored through the industrial revolution; of those who worked 12 hours a day six days a week in sweat shops, mines, and factories.

When compared to men who lived outside of those conditions the life span has not increased. American Indian Chiefs were riding into battle when they were in their 50’s 60’s and seventies. Geronimo sold his autograph to tourists in Florida when he was in his nineties. Omar Mukhtar, the Bedouin resistance leader in Libya was 69 years old when he was injured in battle and captured by the Italians. Compare that to an AMA statistic indicating that people over 65 in America take six to eight prescription medications. Men who live close to nature and have a reverence for God usually have long healthy lives.

Western man is destroying his body through his ignorance, which permeates the activities of the chemical and pharmaceutical companies, the AMA, and the government. These organizations collectively believe they can nourish man and heal him of his infirmities by their “scientific” knowledge and technological development. 

The Koran clearly states that all things are from God. It also warns us not to fall in love with the works of our own hands.

In the Bible, God, speaking through the prophet Jeremiah says, “You have forgotten who I am, I am the one who gave your everything.” He adds, “I gave you cisterns of living water—you have created for yourselves cisterns that leak.”

Western thought has caused humankind to fall in love with the works of its own hand and to forget where all things come from. It has created cisterns that leak and pollute the holy temples in which humans reside, along with the world in which they live. Man makes junk food; those who partake of it pay the price.

Elder George’s website is www.mensaction.net and he can be reached at 212-874-7900 ext. 1329.


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