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Heavy Rain Hits Arizona Desert Overnight

By Nidah Chatriwala, TMO


Tuesday night, thunder and lightening announced the arrival of Arizona’s monsoon season. Though the rainfall didn’t reach all parts of the desert, streets in Scottsdale and Flagstaff were soaked.

The National Weather Service said the thunderstorm left some parts of East Flagstaff flooded issuing a temporary flood flash warning. Good news is that no injuries or property damage was reported.

According to weather experts, Arizona monsoon starts approximately in June and lasts through the end of September. This year the monsoon took awhile to kick off, but when it rains in the desert, it’s no less than a celebration, and it’s the perfect time to make dua.

As reported in Islam, there are certain times when supplications have a higher chance of being accepted by ALLAH (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) and one of those conditions is at the time of rain.
Narrated Sahel Ibn Sa’ad (RA): that the Messenger of Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) said: ‘Two will not be rejected, Supplication when the Adhan (call of prayer) is being called, and at the time of the rain’. [Al-Hakim 2: 114, and Abu Dawud #2540, ibn Majah]

This monsoon is the perfect opportunity for Arizona Muslims to take advantage of and seek ALLAH’s pleasure, especially in the second half of Ramadan which is dedicated to forgiveness.


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