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New Councils and Programs Launched at 2006 U.S.-Arab Economic Forum
Aim to Foster Better Understanding between the U.S. and Arab World

The theme of the Conference was: “One World–Two Cultures–Endless Possibilities.”

Corporate and government leaders from the U.S. and the Arab World gathered at the U.S.-Arab Economic Forum (USAEF) to discuss the most relevant issues affecting our world today. The forum introduced several new councils, programs, initiatives and task forces that will be offered by the American Middle East Economic Affairs Committee (AMEAC), the non-profit entity that organizes the U.S.-Arab Economic Forum.

Among the programs introduced is the U.S.-Arab Leadership Program, which was formally launched during the conference. The U.S.-Arab Leadership Program is a private sector initiative that brings together emerging leaders from across the U.S. with their Arab counterparts. Through the program, delegations of American leaders will have the opportunity to visit the Arab world to gain firsthand insight and understanding of the region. The first U.S. delegation will travel to the Arab world in the Fall of 2006, and eventually the U.S.-Arab Leadership Program will send 1,000 American participants to the Arab world annually.

More information is available at www.usalp.org
The formation of the Women’s Business Council was also discussed during the 2006 USAEF. The Women’s Business Council will bring American and Arab businesswomen together to learn from each other, share resources and ideas, and develop leadership and management skills in both regions.

The American Middle East Economic Affairs Committee also began planning for a Coalition of Chambers of Commerce from the U.S. and Arab World. Roundtable discussions were held with executives of chambers of commerce from the U.S. and the Arab world to begin planning for the coalition, which will bring together business organizations who share the same objective of bridging the gap between the two regions by strengthening economic relations. They will do so by stimulating trade in both regions.

In addition to those key deliverables of the 2006 U.S.-Arab Economic Forum, three bilateral task forces are planned:

1) The Energy and Environment Task Force, which is designed to promote the energy industry and maximize the sector’s contribution to development in both regions. Memberships will include key international oil companies.

2) The Trade and Investment Strategy Taskforce will facilitate trade assistance programs, share knowledge on trade activities and lobby entrance to U.S. and Arab markets.

3) The Education and Dialog Strategy Taskforce will propose education reform policies, promote the exchange of cultural missions, strengthen religious liberalization and transfer knowledge and best practices.

Each of the bilateral task forces will meet twice a year and work to influence the strategic direction of policies and initiatives between the U.S. and the Arab world.

For more information, please visit www.usaeforum.org : A DVD recording of all sessions will be available for purchase.

IMA Houston Chapter Has New Executive Committee

Dr. Asaf Qadeer, President – Dr. Tarek Hussein, Secretary General – & – Dr. Ghayas-ud-Din, Treasurer

At a grand luncheon in at the downtown aquarium, the new officebearers of the Islamic Medical Association (IMA) Houston Chapter took their oaths of office.

They include: Dr. Asaf Qadeer, President, Dr. Tarek Hussein, Secretary General, and Dr. Ghayas-ud-Din Treasurer.

The Consul General of Pakistan, G. R. Baluch, in a presentation urged the persons involved in the medical profession to become more active in community projects affecting common people and providing humanitarian services without any discrimination.

He also emphasized the importance of a powerful public relations effort. The new president, Dr. Asaf Qadeer, informed the audience that the doctors of IMA will be taking up the task of providing volunteers and logistical support to the three free clinics being run by the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH): The Ash-Shifa Medical Project in Southwest, Southeast and Champions area ISGH Centers.

IMA will also form a special standing task force to deal with any “acts-of-God” (e.g. flooding, hurricane, etc.) that hit the Greater Houston-Galveston Region.

“Resourcefulness of the Community Is With Entrepreneurs”

Abdul Qayyum Mian Speaks at Kingdom of Hope Forum

The Founder-President of a newly established entity, “Kingdom of Hope,” Abdul Qayyum Mian, organized a seminar on the importance of Entrepreneurs. He said: “A Person Who Risks Nothing: In Fact Does Nothing Has Nothing & Is Nothing”. Without such people who take calculated risk into new markets, the resourcefulness of the community can not be broadened or enhanced.

He said those who trade an ever lessening commodity, time, to get a paycheck as an employee can never become affluent. When he visited some foreign countries lately, the real rich people had libraries to show at their homes, while less well to do people showed him their fridge, VCRs and TVs, as a sign of their prosperity. Entrepreneurs are the ones, who read and gain knowledge and above all rather than staying on their couches, they go out and apply the knowledge. Those who are true entrepreneurs are always working to benefit others: Otherwise they are not able to make their needed money. They live a life of significance, not only for their own families, but for the community. He identified innovation as one of the important traits of entrepreneur, and the ability to understand trends.

Kingdom of Hope can be reached at 713-303-3388 or visit their website at www.kingdomofhope.org


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