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Mammoth Protest Rallies In Houston Against Israeli Aggression In Gaza

Rally Against Israeli Gaza Operation In Houston Dec 28 (AB)

HOUSTON – TX: Sentiments from the ongoing Middle East conflict were seen on the streets of Houston with huge Peaceful Rallies of over 1,000 people coming out this past Sunday and Monday. First Rally was held at the busiest intersection of town in Galleria along Post Oak Boulevard at Westheimer. The second protest was held in front of the Israeli Consulate along Wesleyan at US 59. More are scheduled in all of the coming days till January 02, 2009, where on Thursday there will be protest again in front of Israeli Consulate and a March on Friday starting from Eastside Road Masjid and going all the way to the Israeli Consulate.

The continuing bombardments over the Gaza Strip between Israelis and Palestinians have people here in Houston closely watching developments. Hundreds and thousands of people were waving Palestinians and American Flags and carrying play-cards at the intersection of Westheimer and Post Oak, demanding a complete and quick end to the unwanted civilian killings in the region.

Several people informed that they have relatives and friends living in Gaza and that the city has been under siege for more than two months, with no humanitarian aid, food, medicines and other basic human needs entering the area and now this indiscriminate bombing is beyond human dignity, international law and basic moral values.

They called upon the Government of United States to put pressure on Israel to abide by the United Nations Resolution and the peace negotiation: “Problem resolution through the killing of innocent people is No Solution,” said one protestor.

For more information, one can visit these websites: www.hcjnw.org / www.icnahouston.com / www.mashouston.org

“Governor Perry To Be Keynote Speaker At PCC-USA Annual Dinner in March 2009”: Saeed Sheikh

SUGAR LAND – TX: For their excellent services to the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce – USA (PCC-USA), several persons from the Media got the Appreciation Plaques at PCC-USA Annual Luncheon, which was held this past Sunday at Marriott Sugar Land. They included Jose Grinan of Fox TV Channel 26; ILyas Hasan Choudry of Muslim Observer; Tariq Khan – Jameel Siddiqui of Pakistan Chronicle & Pakistan Journal; and Syed Shamim of Pakistan News.

PCC-USA was started in 1997 by Founding President Ashraf Abbasi with 50 inaugural members. This was the first time PCC-USA organized their Annual Luncheon at a mainstream hotel.

“This upcoming year, when PCC-USA will have Annual Dinner in March 2009, our keynote speakers will be Honorable Governor of Texas Rick Perry, which shows the strides made by PCC-USA over the years. I thank all the Executives & General Members of PCC-USA and the Media for heir continuous cooperation throughout the year, which resulted in various positive developments never achieved before. We especially thank our Corporate Sponsors Tara Energy and Sam’s Club,” said Saeed Sheikh as he presented summary of his yearly report. He asked Chairperson Awards & Publication Committee Parvez Khan Swati to make a power-point presentation to the members and guests about the various activities of Year 2008.

Mr. Swati talked about the various activities within the theme of the year “Growth – Extension – Training – Internationalism – & – Trade GET IT”. There was more than 50% increase in membership; Two New Chapters in New York and Southern California; Seminars on How to do Business with the City of Houston, Port of Houston, SBA, Housing and Urban Development Department, etc.; Close Liaison with the Greater Houston Partnership; membership with the International Trade Center; Memoranda of Understandings (MoUs) signing with Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot Chambers of Commerce, Pakistan Gems and Jewelry Development Company (PGJDC); Trade Development Authority of Pakistan TDAP); Visa Stamping and other activities started as related to May 2009 Single Country Pakistan Gems & Jewelry Expo; Formation of Pakistan Energy Sector Initiative; Launching of Monthly Newsletter; Vast Improvements to the Website www.pcc-usa.org; and much more.

Past Presidents Dr. Barkat Ali Charania, Lala Gul Faraz Khan and Haroon Shaikh commended on the increase of activities of PCC-USA, but asked for gauging the progress of various programs of PCC-USA in Dollar or some other Measurable Terms.

Entrepreneur Liauq Rehman asked for making more committees other than the Pakistan’s Energy Sector and work towards taking investment to Pakistan to help both USA and Pakistan.

Constitution & Elections Committee Chairperson Rashid Khokhar presented the new Constitution, where the decrees of the Constitution and By-Laws have been separated and formatting is adjusted to make it easier to review. These changes were unanimously approved. Later on he announced the names of new Executive Board for Year 2009.

Incoming President Elect Tariq Zaka pledged that he and his team will work hard to take PCC-USA to further better level in Year 2009. For more information on PCC-USA, one can visit www.pcc-usa.org


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