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Helping Hand is the First USA-Based NGO In the Field Assisting Pakistani IDPs


Detroit, MI: The Executive Director of Helping Hand (USA) For Relief & Development Farrukh Raza has urged all Americans to come forwards and open their hearts for the people of northwestern parts of Pakistan, who have been caught in the military action and need urgent medical, food, water and other aid. According to media sources like AL-Jazeera (English: Out of D.C.), Helping Hand is the first USA based NGO to start working for the almost One Million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Dir, Buner and Swat in the northwestern part of Pakistan. HH has started a $1-Million Pakistani IDPs Fund.

“Situation is catastrophic. In order to avoid a complete humanitarian disaster, we appeal to all Americans to talk to their Congresspersons, so that they can talk through proper channels, so as to allow for safe passage of all the innocent elderly, children, women-&-men, and thus avoiding unnecessary causalities,” added Farrukh Raza.

Helping Hand (USA) For Relief & Development, a Not-For-Profit humanitarian organization with Headquarters in Detroit Michigan , has been in the field from day one, setting up the necessary infrastructure and mechanisms to assist these Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Pakistan , with medical, transportation, food, water and basic shelter facilities.

Talking to BBC News Service, the United Nation High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) spokesman Ron Redmond said Friday that a Pakistani military action in the Swat Valley had displaced some 200,000 people. He said another 300,000 were already on the move or about to flee. Added to more than 550,000, who have already fled, the UNHCR believes this could create one of the world’s biggest displacement crises.

Mr. Raza has informed: “By the Grace of God, Helping Hand has an unblemished record from the past, which resulted in last years’ World Food Program Grant of over $1 Million that was given to us. Helping Hand has past experience of humanitarian assistance work from Tsunami in Asia 2004-05; Earthquake of 2005 in Kashmir and Pakistan ; Floods of 2008 NWFP Pakistan; Earthquake of 2008 Baluchistan Pakistan . We not only provide immediate assistance, but our mission is to provide long term rehabilitation and settlement for those affected.”

“For the IDPs, Helping Hand has four medical camps at: Temargarh; Dir; Talash; & Totalai. We have couple of ambulances supporting the medical camps. We have provided transportation to 3,000+ people so far, who were walking on the roadways and have taken them to camps. We will continue to provide these services and much more, as thousands of people are expected to come down in the next few days away from the unstable areas. Many are coming with injuries and we are providing basic medical services,” informed Farrukh Raza.

Talking to various community media in USA and some international press representatives, Farrukh Raza added: “A short-term budget of $50,000 has been allocated for Medical, Transportation, Food, Shelter, etc. during this primary emergency response initiative, while Helping Hand experience from previous similar projects suggest that more than $1-Million work will be needed on the long-run for recuperation and rehabilitation efforts. We appeal to all the people of compassion to contribute towards this goal of $1-Million and for this purpose visit our website: www.helpinghandonline.org.”

For more information, one can contact Helping Hand at: 12346 McDougal Street; # 200; Detroit; MI 48212; Phone: 1-888-808-HELP(4357); Webpage: http://www.helpinghandonline.org  / Helping Hand (Pakistan); HHRD Plaza; Plot # 1; Umar Market; G-10/4; Islamabad; Pakistan.


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