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Houstonian Corner (V12-I23)

“Americans Are the Most Fair-Minded People, But Uninformed About What American Governments Have Done Worldwide” Inauguration of Book “Truth About September 11 – Peace Now”

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Launching of Adam Azeez Book Truth About September 11 – Peace Now On Sunday – May 16 – 2010 at New Territory Hilton Garden Inn…

“I have written this book for my car mechanic Todd (late), who once asked me what Americans have done to you Muslims that you did what happened on September 11, 2001. Since this was a loaded question and could not be just simply answered, I told Todd I will answer him by writing a book. Also during a Larry King Live Show, Brad Pitt said he has no idea why the incident of Mumbai happened: So there is much ignorance among Americans even high profile personalities about what goes around in the world, that I wanted to write this book.  After writing few pages, it came to my mind that who will read my book, so why waste time. What further inspired me to continue writing this book is the fact that my fellow Americans are the most open-minded people and I was sure at least some of them will read. Also the killing mayhem of innocent people in Iraq gave me the inspiration to do something to stop that unnecessary killing.”

These were the words of Adam Azeez, as he introduced his first book “Truth About September 11 – Peace Now”, which is available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon by calling them or by ordering online (not in the stores) or one can purchase the book by calling Adam Azeez at 832-754-3520.

It was quite inspiring to see Adam Azeez to have invited his car mechanic’s son Rod Todd and his computer repair person Norman Voss to say words about this book, followed by his good friend Dr. Arif Elahi (son of Colonel Doctor Elahi Buksh, personal Doctor of Mohammad Ali Jinnah). Rod and Norman said many Americans may feel reluctant to read this book of Adam Azeez, as they have not known this man. But since we know him and found him to most reasonable, open-minded, open-hearted; a fair-man; so we have read this book. Although we may agree with part of his assessment and may disagree with some other parts of his analysis, but what we can say he is genuinely trying to bring peace and happiness in the world by creating awareness and to look at the world from various angles. Mr. Voss further emphasized that not all Christians look at Israel the same way and that Christians’ are much diversified and not at all unified with just radical ideologies.

Dr. Arif Elahi commended Adam Azeez for taking a very brave step in writing book during dicey times for Muslims to get into the debate on terrorism, as legitimate stance may be misconstrue for something else.

Answering to the question what is exactly the thesis of his book, Adam Azeez said: “Whatever happened on September 11, 2001, should have not happened. Such killings of innocent people cannot be justified. Still if someone asks me why at all it happened? I will say due to the unjustified and wrong foreign policies of Governments of USA after World War II. Killings of thousands of innocent Palestinians & Kashmiris; America using Pakistan & Afghanistan to win in cold war, but doing nothing for these two closest allies and even today doing the same; indiscriminately giving away US-Tax Payers money to Israel without giving proper attention to the needs of others in the region and Israeli policies of aggression against its neighbors fueling more and more Anti-American feelings; disrupting political system in Iran by USA by placing a dictator King Shah of Iran; and so many such policies. Result is many in the world do not like Americans, although having lived myself in so many countries, I must say Americans are the best and most kind people one can find anywhere in the whole world. This became evident to me sometime in 1970s when in New York in a competitive tennis match an American was playing an European player and I have found Americans to be the only people who equally applauded both the players whenever they played well. Time for our next generation is still not passed. Initiatives must be taken to mend what American Governments have destroyed. World looks like hell with so many wars and aggression going on in Afghanistan, Iraq and Middle East. Only way security, safety and route out of this hell into heaven, is by spending our energies and recourses on development rather than spending on destruction.”


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