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Houstonian Corner (V12-I31)

HHRD-USA Annual Dinner

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Amjad Hussain With His Admirers At HHRD Annual Dinner in Houston…

Seasoned presenter of Pakistan, who received for his talents President of Pakistan Pride of Performance Award in 1989, Amjad Hussain Qureshi was here in Dallas & Houston this past Friday-&-Saturday and truly moved everyone present with his heart wrenching presentation of motivational Pakistani nationalistic poetry; then the poetry about the Praises & Signs of God (Hamd-e-Bari-Ta-Allah); poetry about the Life of & Respect For Messenger Mohammad May Allah SWT Peace and Blessings Be Upon him (Naat-e-Rasool-e-Maqbool). He presented from the famous poems of Late Mahirul Qadri. In Dallas Region, the program was held in Garland Special Events Center, while in Houston, it was well-organized by Youth at the Arab American Cultural & Community Center.

In a communiqué thanking the communities, ILyas Hasan Choudry, U. S. South Central Region Coordinator has conveyed this message: “On behalf of Helping Hand For Relief & Development – USA (HHRD-USA), I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all those, who attended HHRD-USA Annual Dinners this past weekend in Dallas and Houston, Texas. Those who attended will indeed attest that presentations by Dr. Farhan Abdul Azeez, Sheikh Yousuf Islahi and Amjad Hussain were By the Grace of God excellent and heartwarming; enhancing the overall spirits. Also HHRD-USA feels blessed by God to have offered this opportunity of learning, gratification, and philanthropy to the communities of Dallas and Houston. Those who missed the event hopefully will attend our future programs and become volunteers & voice for our projects like Sponsor an Orphan in one of 16 countries with just $1/Day or $30/Month or $365/Year; Sponsor a Business or Skills Development of a family to bring them out of poverty with just $250/Business (this money circulates on the long run to establish a viable Enterprise); Education for Gaza Children (via UNO); Water For Life Program; etc. During these dinners as we encouraged those who attended, we want to encourage everyone to become part of the philanthropic efforts of HHRD-USA by supporting one or more businesses at $250/Business to bring families out of poverty through the concept of Micro-Financing and Recycling your Charity (Sadaqae-Jariyah). Please forward this message to your family members and friends.”

For more information and giving, HHRD-USA Royal Center’s Office in Houston can be visited at 11955 Bissonnet Street, Houston, Texas 77099; or one can go to www.hhrd.org or call Maaz Adil 281.468.2238 or ILyas Choudry 832.275.0786.

Emergence of Emerge USA

This past weekend, U. S. Congressman Keith Ellison provided a boost to EMERGE-USA Fundraiser. While on a private visit to Texas, US Congressman Keith Ellison visited a fundraiser for EMERGE-USA (Empowering Motivating Educating Resourceful Grassroots Entities) held on July 25 to raise funds for the local “Get Out To Vote (GOTV) Efforts”. The fundraiser was held at the home of State Democratic Executive Committeeman (SDEC) Farrukh Shamsi.

Mr. Ellison encouraged the political activists and community leaders at the event to contribute generously to EMERGE as the funds would be well utilized for local community political awareness based on EMERGE’s impressive track record in several states and specifically in Houston. He quipped that “if you are not on the table, you could be on the menu.”

EMERGE-USA is a national grassroots non-partisan organization that seeks to promote political activism in under-represented communities. EMERGE aspires to ensure that under-represented communities have the same constitutional rights, social privileges, and political opportunities afforded to all Americans. EMERGE aims to politically empower and train its constituents to be effective community organizers and work in coalitions to advance policies and legislation that help protect and enforce the rights afforded by the United States Constitution.

More information is available on website www.emerge-usa.org.


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