Imam Musa Retiring

Press Release, Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center


As-Salamu Alaykum,

Sheik Mohamed Musa has been our Imam and scholarly counsel for 8 years, during which he has been instrumental in guiding our prayers and religious activities as the Unity Center was growing. Our community has also grown, and its needs have been changing from serving primarily an older immigrant generation to a new and younger generation whose needs are now different.

We wish to inform you that Sheik Musa is retiring as of  Feb 1st, 2011, and has accepted a retirement package offered by the Unity Center. We sincerely thank him for his service to the community, to Islam, and for  his open and learned teachings we have all been guided by.  We wish him well and hope to continue to benefit from his counsel as a learned brother/member of the community.

Please be assured that we will continue to search for an Imam for our center who is in tune with our evolving, younger, multi-cultural membership and can be supportive for the vision of growing the Unity Center as a beacon of noble Islamic teachings and as a representative of a model Islamic community.

The daily prayers are currently being lead by Sh. Ahmed Mabrouk.  Please try to join us with your family so that we may gain the rewards of Salat-al-Jama’a.

Wa Salam,
Mahmoud Al-Hadidi, BOT Chairman
Fadi Demashkieh, BOD President  


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