IMANA Hosts Successful 50th Anniversary Gala

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IMANA Hosts Successful 50th Anniversary Gala

by TMO Staff

 The Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a Gala dinner in Reston, Virginia on Saturday, October 14.

The turnout was fantastic and it was a splendid evening honoring IMANA’s milestones. 380 guests including government officials, representatives from several non-profit organizations, friends, and loved ones of IMANA’s community along with twenty-three former IMANA presidents gathered together to recognize IMANA’s contributions to the American society and its impact across the globe. The evening highlighted IMANA’s accomplishments driven by IMANA’s vision articulated a half a century ago.

Attendees enjoyed a keynote speech from Ambassador Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X, and an address by Lonnie Ali, wife of the legendary Muhammad Ali. The IMANA lifetime achievement award was given to Muhammad Ali, posthumously for his work towards the clinical care and rehabilitation of patients with Parkinson’s disease at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center. After accepting the award, Lonnie Ali spoke about the dedication to service and passion for justice of Muhammad Ali and his exemplary life, that left a deep and wide impact around the world. All the IMANA former presidents, present at the event, were acknowledged with an award for their exceptional leadership and service.

Guests were delighted with an exquisite cuisine, including international desserts from countries all around the world in which IMANA has provided medical relief. The crowd enjoyed an evening of laughter with comedian Mo Amer. IMANA also released copies of its new book commemorating its 50-Year History Serving Faith, Profession and Community by American Muslim healthcare professionals. The book will be available to purchase online starting next week.

The IMANA 50th Anniversary Gala dinner was truly a night to remember and a gratifying celebration. The silent auction was well received with the outstanding artworks from Eye for Art, all but two pieces were purchased.

“We are proud to continue IMANA’s mission to strive towards a world in which the wellness and health care of all people are served by the American Muslim community,” the organization wrote on their website.

“This event would not have been possible without the generous support of every one of our volunteers and of course all our attendees,” they added.

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