ISGH Education Complex Inaugurated!

Mayor Bill White & Congressman Nick Lampson Inaugurate ISGH Educational Complex

In a distinctive ceremony, Mayor of Houston Honorable Bill White and Congressman from the Greater Houston-Galveston Region Honorable Nick Lampson inaugurate the State-of-the-Art Islamic Education Complex located at the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) Northwest Spring Branch. This Educational Complex Building of ISGH is presently utilized by Weekend School, EL-Emaan School and ILM Academy.

Also present on the occasion were State of Texas Representative in Austin Honorable Hubert Vo, City of Houston Councilmen Adrian Garcia and M. J. Khan, Former Chief of Police C.O. “Brad” Bradford, who is a candidate for District Attorneys’ Office, several elected officials, many candidates for future offices and personnel of law enforcement agencies. Furthermore the school was packed with children and their parents plus several community members.

After the recitation of Quran (Surah AL-Maryam), Mayor Bill White was shown a short video of school activities with Sami Yousef Nasheed Allahu Allahu in the background. He was shown various classrooms and met various young ones, who are students at the Academy. Mayor White was most impressed to see the contemporary nature of everything.

Another interesting aspect of the evening was refreshments from various parts of the world, including Pakistan, China, Turkey, USA, Middle East and Mexico.

This school began with Montessori and now has reached the Kindergarten Level: Plans are to take it to Grade Eight Level. For more information about this project, one can call 713-02-2377 0r 713-464-4720 or E-Mail Principal Sister Zuhaira Razzak at ILMAcademy@SBCGlobal.Net


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