Killing in a Christian College

Dr. Aslam Abdullah

In California, in a Christian college, an evangelical Christian student killed seven of his fellow students one by one. Seven is a high number in casualties, yet our media decided no to publicize or analyze it. Remember Muhammad Merai, the French shooter who killed three Muslim paratroopers and three Jewish children. Words such as Islamic  terrorists, Muslim terrorist wre used to denounce him and his faith. Yet no one even mentioned about the religious beliefs of the killer. No one asked, why such a violence in a Christian college? No one questioned, how come those who swear by Jesus are so violent that they would not even spare their co coreligionists. Imagine, if it were a Muslim college and the shooter were a Muslim, the world might have been brought upside down and the media pundits may have concluded that Islamic colleges promote violence.

Let us admit. Many of those who are working in the media either hate Muslims or dislike them. You cannot expect any fair coverage from them, any rational analysis, Some of them are liberals and they do not view Islam no different that any other religion. Others are Zionists who cannot view Muslims without their biases. Then, there are Christian evangelists who view Islam anti-Christ. How is it possible that people with these biases would ever be willing to give a decent coverage to any world issue. They would inject their biases and vices in any coverage they give to issues related with Islam.

This does not mean that there are no good journalists, but their goodness is often controlled and manipulated by those who control their purse.

If we really want to have a decent coverage of Muslim affairs, we have to rely on our own media to not only analyze Muslim events but also the world and local events from our own perspective. It is not difficult for us to develop our own media and we all recognize this. Yet we are unable to translate our ideas into action by promoting, subscribing and spreading our media. Let us hope that popele would look at the Muslim Observer with a futuristic view and ensure that it succeeds to become a leading media in the US for Muslims and for the country.


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