Letter to Editor Re: Harun Yahya, Syed Aslam

By Anwarul Islam

Harun Yahya’s interview and Mr. Syed Aslam’s response caught my attention. Like Harun Yahya’s name, I hope Mr. Aslam’s does not show any evolutionary trend.
Anyway, I have to admit that I know nothing about evolution and it is  Mr. Aslam’s tenor of the response what made me write this letter. He gave us an idea that everything happened in this backyard and he has seen it happened with his own eyes through his living room window.   But that is not what I hear when I read the main stream press. I get  the impresson that the theory of evolution  is still a work in progress and may well remain as just a theory. Nobody has to prove again again the law of gravity or E=mc**2 every now and then in the context of the stable environment of this earth.  But in case of evolution a fossil makes exciting news until another one is found and then we do not hear much after that. The situation has become like the herd mentality of those television experts who extolled the virtue of financial engineering until the current  economic disaster. 

The last sentence is very interesting. As far as I know it is not just Mr. Harun Yahya or Muslims who have qualm about the evidences of evolution but many from other faiths have similar concerns.

With best regards,

-Anwarul Islam 

3 replies
  1. S. Irfan Jafry
    S. Irfan Jafry says:

    Actually many many people have proven the Laws of Gravity and E=mc**2 many many times over. Certainly not in all circumstances but enough for 99.9999999% of the people to believe that these laws hold sway over us. Google it and see.

  2. Yasir Awais Butt
    Yasir Awais Butt says:

    I am no particular fan of Harun Yahya but the way Mr Aslam has portrayed him in his books it appears as if he is trying to settle some scores with him. The book is more concerned with proving Harun Yahya a psychopath rather than proving evolution. In support of his arguments Mr Aslam has cited an article from Edip Yuksel who himself is a disbeliever of Hadih. So I think Edip Yuksel and Mr ASlam are greater psychopaths in this context.
    I would also like to ask Mr Aslam that Quran clearly tells the story of bani Israel being turned to monkeys whereas neo darwinists are trying to prove otherwise i.e. human evolved from monkeys. Similarly the event of creation of Adam AS is clearly described so where was evolution at that time. It is Allah’s will to do everything the way HE wants. Mr ASlam claims in his book that everything happens slowly and takes time. I think thats like challenging Allah SWT that he can do things in no matter of time and that timme is just measure of couting delay between events made by humans.