Looking To Escape the Bone Chilling Freeze? Head To Alaska

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Looking To Escape the Bone Chilling Freeze? Head To Alaska

By Laura Fawaz, Contributing Reporter

The National Weather Service, once again, is warning that brutally cold weather is going to be spreading across much of the nation.

From the upper Midwest, down South, and up through the mid-Atlantic, but doesn’t stop there as it continues Northeast and New England.

Among the places where things are particularly miserable if you don’t like extremely cold temperatures: Minnesota.  And the latest incident is helping the matter, which a Canadian natural gas pipeline explosion.  This affects the supply of natural gas supplies to parts of the region.  Consequently, emergency officials are asking residents the affected area to keep their thermostats at 60 to conserve fuel.  And homeowners across the lower 49 are facing the problem of the propane price hike, as well as higher heat and energy bills. 

All the while, in Alaska, on several dates in the month of January, temperatures have been warmer in Alaska than they have been in Texas, Louisiana and much of the Atlantic coast, even Florida.  And forecasters believe that this pattern, consisting of a jet stream, is pushing this bone chilling cold across much of the continental U.S. is the reason there’s relatively warm weather up in parts of Alaska.  Though they think it will not shift until sometime next month.


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