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Masjidun Nur–Fundraiser

Sunday June 14, 2009, from ‘asr to ‘isha.  Guest speakers: Moulana Mirza Abujafar Beg, imam of Jamaica Muslim Center, NY, Muhaddis Mawulana Abdus Salam, imam of Masjidun Nur, Sheikh Muhammad Musa, BMUC imam, Moulana Shaikh Hamud Al-Afif, Dearborn Masjid imam, and Mawulana Sheikh Qari Muhammad Elias, imam of Masjid Belal, Ypsilanti.

All are invited and welcome.

Masjid Nur’s Tax ID # is 38-2180539.  Their website is at www.masjidunnur.net.  11311 Mound Rd., Detroit, MI  48212.


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