“Michigan’s 1st Muslim Developed and Operated Women’s Transitional Home”

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“Michigan’s 1st Muslim Developed and Operated Women’s Transitional Home”


On Saturday November 2nd, 2013, Muslim Family Services, a Division of ICNA Relief USA Programs, in Detroit, MI opened the doors of its very own women’s transitional home called ‘Sakinah House’. Sakinah House is Michigan’s 1st Muslim developed and operated women’s transitional home. The facility was leased to Muslim Family Services by a local businessman as sadaqa jariah (a continuous good deed) for his late mother. The facility is also named after the man’s mother. Coincidentally, the word ‘Sakinah’ means peace, tranquility and comfort in the Arabic language; qualities that Muslim Family Services intends for their transitional home.

The state of the art facility is fully equipped, consisting of seven individual bedrooms, three-stalled toilets, two private showers, a shared kitchen, a living-room and plenty of residential storage space. The facility is expandable to become three times larger than the base size as the facility currently has only one of its three floors occupied. That makes the facility a 21-room facility if at capacity. An onsite ‘House-mother’ will be available to help and monitor residents 24/7. Safety is a priority at Sakinah house so all necessary measures to ensure residential safety have been made.

Although the facility was leased for 10 years without any cost, Muslim Family Services has budgeted 60k a year to keep the facility operating efficiently. This budget goes towards utilities, salaries of professional staff, food and many other residential necessities. Because Muslim Family Services is a non-profit organization, year round monetary donations for the upkeep of the facility are greatly needed. In addition, the organization is also accepting in-kind donations of items like: sanitary napkins, toothpaste, soap, lotions etc. to help meet the needs of the residents.

With access to safe shelter, free Halal food and educational training, these women should be well on their way to becoming self sufficient and independent inshAllah. Sakinah House is designed to shelter, educate and help women transition from unfavorable circumstances into more favorable ones. We offer a variety of services to our transitional home residents, some of which include: counseling, employment seeking advice, financial management, and much more! Muslim Family Services firmly believes that most residents, if taught the necessary skills that gear towards success, can make a life change through Sakinah House. The classes and workshops offered should make residents less likely to end up homeless or displaced in the future.

Muslim Family Services’ founding organization, ICNA Relief USA Programs, has twelve transitional homes throughout the USA. ICNA Relief USA, founded in 1984, has been at the forefront for community services efforts nationwide since their start. Sakinah House is a new glimmering addition for the organization and the directors are confident in the establishment’s ability to help women transition into becoming productive and contributing members of society.

If you or your organization would like to help fund Sakinah House or provide beneficial services for residents, please contact Muslim Family Services at the contact information at the end of this article. May Sakinah House prosper in the quest to help transition displaced Michigan women far and wide.

Muslim Family Services is located at: 12346 McDougall St. Detroit, MI 48128 and can be contacted via phone at 313-366-6800 and email at office@mfs.icnarelief.org. Donations can be made online at www.muslimfamilyservices.org or by check sent to the above address.


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