Moist with Remembrance

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Moist with Remembrance

By Siddiq Ather

Fresh to your ears like morning dew
Hoping to touch the minds of more than a few
Wake up rhymes to light the fuse
Meant to spark clarity and not to confuse
Feeling flowing forces from this awful muse
Full of awe at how it can produce
Words of wisdom that I myself can use
Fix the system, with the system restore cues
When you’re out of it, everything just seems the same
Curses are spit from tongues where verse were lain
The doctors and the nurses cannot alleviate the pain
The damage estimators can’t even perceive the strain
Of a stone cold heart with no crops post-rain
Let’s take a bold start to stop this bane
Some of yall have hearts of frigid icy stone
I may have a heart of steel, that’s harder than bone
When your sense of touch can’t feel, it’s time to atone
Long-while lifestyle choices have grown
To hostile blindness and callous looks at the phone
When it’s ringing with a message post dial tone
Something sad, something true, hits your heart like nothing new
It’s so bad, and you knew, but you can’t even get yourself to cry for two
Seconds, minutes, hours, and days
Spent on the computer, so totally phased
Sitting with the worst of them,
Sing-alongs of curses spin
When a verse tries to converse with him,
His lips just purse averse to them,
So stuck in the melody of filth filled words
So numb to his soul, it’s completely absurd
Modesty and shame,
Arrogance so lame,
His honesty just came and went
And even the lies that remain lament
So let’s try to break this stone heart,
With the slow strokes of the remembrance art
Like the suhoor yolk in September’s start,
Let it simmer slow and steady, till it’s time to part
Words of remembrance need only slight utterance
Light on the tongue but heavy on the scale
Right on your lungs, and steady on a sail
You have no idea what a few words entail
If you but knew, you would rejoice and regale
But only a few, choose the choice that never fails
So steady syllables, and heartfelt  sincerity
Little by little, sins will clear with alacrity
As the stone is chipped and broken,
Your heart will emerge dipped and soaked in,
Light and softness zipped and cloaked in,
Solid soul, a remembrance token
Hope you have a great Ramadan, wsalaam alaikum,

Siddiq Ather


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