Mubarakah Ibrahim

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Mubarakah Ibrahim

By Almas Akhtar, TMO

A certified personal trainer who balances family and career.

Mubarakah IbrahimMubarakah Ibrahim is a Muslim lady in her 30’s who is a certified personal trainer, owner of her own fitness studio BALANCE for women where she offers fitness education, group lessons and also private lessons. She also gives lectures and talks about healthy living and fitness.  She is a married mother of four kids and resides in New Haven, CT with her family. She gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, after birth of her baby she read many books and put together a work out plan to lose weight. It took her four months to get rid of all the extra pounds. After that family and friends started discussing their own weight loss goals with her. Ms. Ibrahim helped a lot of people and later she attended Southern CT State University majoring in Exercise Science. She also earned a certificate through AFFA (American Fitness and Aerobic Association).

Mubarakah Ibrahim is a little different from other trainers in the sense that she works out while wearing a ‘hijab’ (head scarf) and covers her entire body except her face and hands. Her fitness studio is all women’s fitness studio. Her advice is ‘ exercise and eat healthy; work out is king and diet is queen , together they make a perfect kingdom ‘.

She was also invited to the Oprah Winfrey Show where she talked about not only Muslim women but women of the world “our goals are the same. All of us want to raise our kids to be contributing members of the society, to be healthy, to be happy.” Ms. Ibrahim is also  motivational speaker , she gives  speeches  at “Health Seminars” across the world.


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