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Muslim Advocates Seminar Enlightens, Fosters Connections

By Saim Raza


Audience at the Muslim advocates legal seminar at the Fairlane Events Center.

Dearborn- On December 14, the Muslim Advocates Legal Seminar convened at the Fairlane Events Center. The goal of the well-organized event was to educate the dozens of nonprofit leaders in attendance ranging from proper management, tax law, interactions with the media, and much more. The Michigan Muslim Community Council(MMCC) and the Michigan Muslim Bar Association helped sponsor the informative event.

The meeting started with a welcome from Farhana Khera , Executive Director of the Muslim Advocates. Khera, along with other Muslim Advocates team members, introduced to the attendees the three goals of the organization- to defend Muslims in discrimination-related lawsuits across the country, to educate Muslim nonprofits in their legal rights and duties, and to challenge hateful dialogue and perceptions of Muslims.

Featured experts included representatives from the Internal Revenue Service  (IRS), national media organizations such as Media Matters, accountants, as well as lawyers in the non-profit sector. Each professional presented a pertinent slideshow on their subject and later answered specific inquiries from the audience, thus providing broad overviews of their disciplines while responding to the specific needs of the leaders.

The MMCC has a busy year ahead. The Muslim Volunteer Day on December 25 will feature over a hundred Muslims volunteering across Michigan with members of the Jewish faith. In addition, preparations for the annual Capitol Day, on May 13th, are steaming ahead. For more information regarding community activism, please visit the Michigan Muslim Community Council’s website at www.mimuslimcouncil.com.


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