Muslim High School for Southeast Michigan?

By Adil James, MMNS

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P6058863 There are several Muslim schools in Southeast Michigan, but all of them stop at 8th grade.  After years the Muslim community in Michigan has grown and developed, yet there is no Muslim high school to serve our students.  For this reason Asim Khan, who plays a prominent role at the Tawheed Center in Farmington, has initiated a project to gauge and channel community interest to build an Islamic high school.

About 30 people attended the meeting he held Saturday at the Tawheed Center–but despite the low turnout by quantity, the quality of the group was powerful, comprising many who have been involved in the growing school programs in Michigan over decades, including several doctors with the means to financially facilitate the project, and even including two administrators at local Muslim schools.

This was the first of what is proposed to be a series of meetings about the high school which Mr. Khan hopes will start soon.


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