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Muslim Taxi Driver Returns $100,000 Worth of Jewelry & Cash

John James (L), Zubiru Jalloh (R) (Photos/CBS 2)

NEW YORK, NY–Muslim taxi drivers across the US continue to be the best ambassadors of Islam by living out their faith. This is evident by the number of recent cases where they have returned expensive items left behind by their passengers. In the latest instance New York taxi driver Zubiru Jalloh returned $100,000 worth of jewelry and cash after they were left in his cab.
John James forgot his bag with the valuables in the backseat of the taxi last week. Zubiru Jalloh was able to reunite with James the next day to return the goods. For his honesty, Jalloh was given $10,000. James said the taxi driver reluctantly took the money.

James John, who thought he had lost his valuables and his family’s jewelry, told the New York Times: “He is just a quiet citizen doing his business, earning his leaving and respecting his family, and I intend to entertain him and his children and his wife when I return from Maryland.”


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  1. tasneem

    February 26, 2011 at 3:22 am

    Dunia me aj bhi imandar logon ki kami nahee hai.or agar kisi bhi insaan ko islam ki mukammal taleem o tarbiyat de gai hai. or us shakshs ne usko apni zindagi me shamil kar liya. to woh dunia ke kisi bhi kone me rahe. uska imaan kabhi dagmaga nahee sakta.uska imaan pukhta he rahega.

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