October Surprise?

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October Surprise?

By Geoffrey Cook, TMO


Ashland  (Ore.)–A week or so ago another obscene cartoon was drawn upon the world’s stage by the Israeli Prime Minister – this one at the U.N. (the United Nations) in New York City showing his red line on a crude representation of Iran’s “bomb.”

This is the first issue of the Muslim Observer for October.   We, who keep our eyes on geo-political movements, have been concerned over an “October Surprise” to destabilize Barack Hussein Obama’s Democratic Party’s government by the Israeli civilian government — such as what happened to Jimmy Carter, which American President Tel Aviv suspected of leanings towards Ramallah.  (I published a report in this publication on a speech he gave on his controversial book delineating the dilemma faced by American policy to achieve justice for Palestinian aspirations several years back from Berkeley)    It is apparent from his subsequent writings and actions that Jimmy Carter would have done his best to have enforced an end to the imbroglio in the Levant with justice to the aggrieved, too.  This appears to be Netanyahu suspicions, also, towards a current potential “lame-duck” (second-term) Presidency for Obama; e.g., that the latter would forcefully stomp down the Settlements!

One of the first revealing points is that has become apparent is that the present potentially dangerous atomic checkmate in the Middle East between Jewish Israel and Islamic Iran has much to do with alien (Israeli) influence and concerns attempting to manipulate American domestic politics which will affect the North American hinterlands internally in a negative manner; and, further, is drastically against the U.S.’ Commonweal’s external goals and objectives.  Succinctly, the Iranian crisis has been “created” by Tel Aviv to divert attention from the urgent issue of a just settlement of the Palestinian conundrum which will be not only beneficial to the District of Columbia (D.C.) but to all national entities within the Levant (including Israel itself in spite of it attempting to manipulate the American Commonwealth to operate in their interests against the Metropole (Washington’s); i.e., “the tail wagging the dog.”)

Retired (U.S.) General Wesley Clark, commander of the Allied  Operational Force in the Kosovo War — which successfully protected the Kosovar Muslims against the Serbs in the 1990s — stated in a confidential  interview within the fortnight that the Israelis have abandoned an attack before the U.S. elections (due to a lack of support from their own military and intelligence apparatus and the U.S.’)  Curtly, Iran is neither a threat at this time to Israel, the United States or any other member of NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) which leaves time for diplomacy on this non-issue.

Presently, the gravest danger at this time is Tehran’s isolation and a possible miscalculation to any threat to itself, for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated two weeks ago at the United Nations in New York that his Revolutionary Guard reserved the right to a pre-emptive attack, and both Israel and the United States are taking defensive strategical postures which could be perceived as aggressive.

Since, having written on this crisis quite a bit (much of it published on these pages), I would like to relay in this short piece what I have presented to my own government (U.S.A.) on the crisis:

On the strategic military side, I had assumed any idiotic attack upon the Persians nuclear program (whom both the Israeli and American intelligence establishments have both stated to their respective “parliaments” that the Shia Republic has halted weaponization in 2003) would be (low level atomic) tactical weapons, but a former U.S. Air Force commander of a nuclear-armed aircraft during the Cold War averred to me in a conversation here in southern Oregon  that it would have to be strategic (i.e., against population centers) to succeed!  If accurate, of course, in understatement, this is totally unacceptable!

Secondarily, the Russian Navy’s position on the Syrian Coast (Syria, too, has become a great variable) along with the French nuclearized Mediterranean fleet makes for the possibility for a chilling nuclear scenario.  Russia interests have always leaned towards Arab socialism/ nationalism (thus, the Baathists in Syria), and The French have always had a paternal attitude towards their former Colonial possessions which include Lebanon and Syria although they were not full colonies but Mandates.     

During the Kosovo War, the U.S. and the Russians almost fired at each other at the Pristina airport, and, if not prevented from escalating by the British General there, could have led to World War II.  Israeli nuclear facilities are “soft” targets – merely moved around on railway cars, and would be easy targets for both fleets with their nuclear capability.  Russia or France is in a position to essentially neutralize the Israeli nuclear command and control if they were perceived preparing for a nuclear attack.  Of course, this would potentially put the French Republic and the Russian Federation in conflict with the United States of America.

The nuclear danger is not from Iran but rather Israel.  Israel has the fifth largest nuclear force in the world with no MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) to counter it which makes the Middle East the most dangerous theater in the world.  Curiously, allowing Iran the ability to build the bomb, but not to weaponize while Israel’s program must be put on the table to force it to fall back to a reasonable stance for the threat at hand.  (This is mere real politick.  The ultimate goal should be a nuclear-free Middle East!) The nuclear issue is so central to the larger Middle Eastern crisis, for it is preventing a just resolution between competing groups – especially between the Palestinians and the interloping Israelis.  Further, it is threatening an unbelievable Armageddon, and the problem resides squarely in the (Zionist) Negev!

Since both the American and Israeli militaries feel that the situation with Tehran still has not met “critical mass” at this time; thus — as I suggested to you before — I still advocate opening up direct dialogue between Centcom (the U.S. Military’s Central Command) and the IDF (Israeli Defense Force).  This could be a first fruitful step towards diverting a potential catastrophe.  This may seem strange, but, with the type of conflagration we are facing, a dialogue with the Devil should not be ruled out, for a military strike at Iran has been estimated, in a report released within the last two weeks, to generate at least 100,000 “collateral” Iranian deaths within twenty years due to a certain toxin that would be released.   This is totally unacceptable to all men of good will and all Americans – especially Muslim-Americans must do all within their power to discourage this scenario!


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