On Highway 59 – Houston, Texas– “Israel Out Of Palestine!”

The signs in this picture are displayed weekly in the afternoon at the peak traffic time on the Mandell bridge overlooking Hwy. 59 (Southwest Freeway) in the conservative state of Texas in the city of Houston.

The participants on the bridge, who are not sponsored by any particular group, believe that the oppression and exploitation of the Palestinian people for over 40 years by successive Israeli governments supported unconditionally by the U.S. government is the predominant cause of anti-Semitism, radical Muslim terrorism and anti-Americanism.

The average American is essentially uninformed about the apartheid of Palestine imposed by the Israeli government, and there are several reasons for this lack of information. One basic reason (but not the only one) to withhold information about the atrocities of the occupation of Palestine is FEAR. Congress the White House, the corporate U.S. media are fearful of the negative impact of losing political and financial support and being defamed by the powerful lobby AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) and the ADL (Anti- Defamation League) which will not hesitate labeling one as anti-Semitic even when the truth about Israel’s culpability in the Israel/Palestine conflict is revealed.

According to those holding the weekly protest, “we believe it is time to shed a small light in this darkened area of human rights violations. The truth ultimately will be revealed and it should benefit everyone, Palestine and Israel as well.”

Bob rwcsr1@yahoo.com


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