Organized Silence, As Obama Goes to the Middle East

By Geoffrey Cook, TMO


U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at a news conference with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem, March 20, 2013. This is his first official visit to Israel. REUTERS/Larry Downing

Sacramento–As talk of Barack Hussein Obama is preparing his trip to the (former) Mandate of Palestine, your author only heard this evening for the first  time that he was going to both Palestine and Israel – and that from a television  show in San Jose (U.S.A).  All the other reports stated he was going to Israel only as if the Jewish State had already subsumed the Occupied Territories!  If anything,  that shows the propagandation of the American people to a news media that is overly sympathetic to Zionism, and which demonizes Islam, and definitely all things Arab.  In the rest of the following study below is a report of the comments of the subject while your columnist has put his analysis in parenthesis as is his custom.

Exactly a year ago from when your scribe began to compose (the 17th) this piece, your reporter heard Kirsten Szremski, the Director for Media and Communications for the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) address a Sebeel Conference here in this capital city of California on the Sacramento River about the enforcement of organized (media) silence on the Palestine crisis, and whether it can be broken.

Political Zionism was about the transportation of European Jewry to Palestine.  The accusation of the Zionist is that to criticize Zionism is anti-Semitic which allegation, in turn, is a racist lie in and of itself.

Under U.S. law, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of religion or race.  Curiously, Zionist hate-mongers have filed discrimination allegations against Muslim groups – especially Palestinians-Americans – who are merely exercising their First Amendment right to discuss their side of the dilemma in the Middle East while they reside in the Western Hemisphere while the American Zionist hate groups, have twisted these laws one-hundred and eighty degrees to make the oppressors seem like the victims!.

These groups who support the Zionist cause in the States have used the controversial “Patriot” Act, which was instituted after the Al-Qaida attack on New York City in 2001, to suppress educational material sympathetic to the Palestinian struggle for Justice and liberation from an illegal Occupation (against International Law and Resolutions within the United Nations) within U.S. universities. 

The Zionist supporters within the United States screw reality around by suppressing the Palestinian perspective on American campuses claiming it violates Jewish student rights. 

This is not only most dangerous to the domestic tranquility within American academia and the larger society itself, but, also, to the free flow of debate which U.S. soil can offer contending foreign forces and to which these individuals can take back to their natal lands to better understand the opposite  side and, hopefully, to work towards peace and justice and eventually reconciliation.  This is one thing that the Obama Administration must recognize that the domestic reflects the International and that coddling the Zionist within has tremendously hurt the District of Columbia [D.C.’] diplomatic objectives in the Middle East.

Fringe groups of Jews [remember Judaism is not the enemy but rather a perversion of that religion, Zionism] attack Muslims as terrorist even within the U.S.A. to the detriment of Washington’s domestic objectives of building an economy for the Twenty-first Century [C.E.], for American Muslims are a highly skilled demographic possessing those advanced skills that their adopted (if they are immigrants) country require plus has lifted native-born Muslims into a more advanced socio-economic status; so, they are now in a positions to  contribute more to North American society  than before their conversion.  Within the next several decades Muslim-Americans will be the second largest religion on the U.S.’ shores (after Christianity), but, unlike Jewish-Americans, the United States’ Muslims are scattered over various ethnic and denominational divides [Sunni-Shia, etc.].  To create cohesive Islamic political voice a unity out of division must be created.

In the States Islamophobia and Zionism intersect, for too often academics and journalists are funded directly or indirectly by Israel.  Zionism consciously builds relationships to faith-based Christian groups – mostly to the fundamentalist Christian Zionist (whom your raconteur has written about on these pages, too, sometime ago) fringe groupings, and without whom Israel could not remain a surrogate of D.C.  Nonetheless, Islamic-America is fighting a valiant fight against Zionist propaganda and to get a clear picture of the Israeli Occupation out while Zionism is attempting to normalize perception of the Occupation within the American population.

When we were free to question Szremski, she described the normalization as “creeping.”   Further, exiled Palestinians are not permitted to go back. 

Building the population of Palestinian to its level in 1948 would destroy Occupation.

Succinctly, Kirsten ended her comments, “We want (our) human rights! (In conclusion — in order for Obama’s trip to be a success to [our] mutual Holy Land, he… like [former U.S.] President Jimmy Carter…must understand and empathize with the plight of the Palestinians, and, as a “lame-duck” President under the U.S. term law, he is free to ‘bang the necessary heads together’ to achieve stability to the most critical simmering danger to the peace and security in the whole world.

The two-State solution is still possible and your correspondent will hold unto it unless Tel Aviv attacks Tehran, but up to this time in history Israel has been the problem with their Nazi-like blitzkrieg into the West Bank and Gaza.  Mr. President, you must demand the Settlements be dismantled while Netanyahu, that Hitler, who would engulf the whole of our most holiest of cities, and who rebuffed you when he promised to stop  his project of saturating the Palestine by illegally alienating their lands and resources to an alien people.  My President, the leader of the world’s hegemon, do not be remembered as the Neville Chamberlain of this Century.  There can be no peace in our time without a free and viable Palestine.


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