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Over 12,000 attend Eid Prayer at the ICD; Zap Zone Fundraiser

By Noor H. Salem

IMG123With the end of Ramadan, the hours of the holiday, Eid-Al-Fitr rolled in. On Thursday August 8th over 12,000 Muslims attended Eid Prayer at the Islamic Center of Detroit. This was one of the largest Eid gatherings at the ICD in several years. Not only is the masjid very spacious, it is family friendly. The takbeer began around 8:30AM but the prayer was not until 9:30AM, giving time for people to pay their zakat.

Little girls ran around in pretty dresses, and friends gave greetings to old faces. After the prayer Dr. Hani Ayyad gave the Eid sermon which was approximately ten minutes. Afterwards people rushed to the huge parking lot, filled with moonwalks, food, and fun.

There were free balloons and candy bags for all children; they just simply had to stand in line. Sandwiches, cheese, meat and zatar pies were for sale, along with snacks and drinks of all kinds. There was also cotton candy and popcorn for the children. Two clowns made balloons for the children as well. Families stayed around past noon in the parking lot, seeing friends and allowing the young to play. True Muslims we worship in Ramadan, but we must remember the fact Allah is the Lord of all months and should be obeyed just as much year round. 

The ICD also held a day long fundraiser on Thursday August 8th from 3PM-12AM. Many families took their children in continuous celebration of Eid. There was an arcade collection, laser tag, go carts, and moonwalks. It was a day full of lots of fun, for both the young and the old.


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